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Week 12 Injury Report

Very, very light injury report this week. Several players on the list have been taken off, which I'll recount below. As always, credit to Offical Falcons Page for the report.

CB Jason Webster, OUT: As established, Webster's gone. The secondary has been hurting for a long while now, but it is the time to get a good look at Williams now, and see if Webster's necessary for the next couple years. My guess is that he's not.

CB Jimmy Williams, QUES: Jim Mora doesn't believe in probable! Williams practiced both Thursday and Friday, and I fully expect him to play. Why the coaching staff feels the need to make every player questionable is beyond me; it's probably some tactic that the master chessmen apply.

DE John Abraham, IN: He's off the injury report, so we finally have John Abraham back. This is awesome news, obviously. We have a high caliber pass rush threat now, and the Falcons will have to shake Brees up to win this game. Excellent news.

DT Jonathan Babineaux, DT Grady Jackson, T Todd Weiner, IN: The last batch, and all of them have been removed from the injury report. This gives the Falcons their first relatively healthy week in a while; with some luck, this will be the week where the Falcons start rolling again.

Meet back here tomorrow for the game preview, folks!