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Like Mora, Like Son?

I had an inexplicably hard time tracking this down, but it appears that Mora Sr. has called Vick a coach killer...ironic given that his son is the coach in question. The brief bullet in the article touches on a few different things, but let's just break it down briefly:

Jim Mora Sr. went on the airwaves this past week, calling Michael Vick a "coach-killer." Jim Mora Jr. came to his quarterback's defense publicly, but you have to wonder what he thinks about his QB situation privately. With the Falcons possessing a 5-5 record and on their way toward spiraling out of the playoff picture, thanks to a three-game losing streak (due in large part to the inconsistency at quarterback), the time may be ripe for the Falcons to start thinking about entering Matt Schaub into the equation, which I suspect offensive coordinator Greg Knapp has been eyeing for some time.

Do I smell sabotage, Mr. Knapp? Mora and Knapp clearly would like to have a QB who could run the offense they've designed, and there is a good chunk of time where I would like the same thing. But for Schaub's obvious talent, there's no guarantee he's going to do any better...and it's going to be tough justifying the benching of the face of the franchise. I may not like that fact, but it's true, because the Falcons are a business.

Is Mora correct in calling Vick a coach killer? Depends on how you look at it, really. Vick rarely takes shots at the coaching staff, so it's less his attitude than his inability to change his style. Not to harp on this, but one or the other is going to have to change eventually, and I have a feeling it's going to be the coaching philosophy. Or perhaps the coach?

The Falcons will never win a Lombardi Trophy with Vick at quarterback -- the problems run deeper than a lack of accuracy -- but it might not stop owner Arthur Blank from searching for a coach like West Virginia's Rich Rodriquez, who has been successful adapting schemes to fit his talent and is known as a players' coach.

Hard to say if I'm opposed to this. Mora's a talented young coach, and I believe he's a good fit for this team. The problem may be at the end of the season, when Blank and McKay may very well want to fire Greg Knapp (as it's becoming increasingly apparent they should). If Mora proves loyal to Knapp, he could be out the door too, which would be a shame. But the coaching staff is going to have to adapt their offensive philosophy in general, or it could be a rough offseason for them.

And I hate that Mora didn't mention the playoffs.