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Quick Injury Update

Here's the list:

DE John Abraham, DE Patrick Kerney, CB Jason Webster, OUT: Terrific, isn't it? Our two best defensive ends are out, and Jason Webster...well, not terrific news for him, but perhaps better for the long term health of the team. I do wish him a speedy recovery, though.

DT Grady Jackson, DT Rod Coleman, QUES: Also terrific. There's a good chance that both of them play this week, especially because a line without them and without Kerney and Abraham is going to be a very cringe worthy line indeed. Keep your fingers crossed.

S Chris Crocker, CB Jimmy Williams, QUES: There's a chance that with the two signings this last week, neither player will get into the game. This isn't good news, necessarily, but I wouldn't rule them out, either. If either sits, expect it to be Crocker.

LB Ed Hartwell, QUES: I seriously doubt he'll play much, if at all. Too busy writing poetry, I'd guess.

RB Jerious Norwood, QUES: Can all these guys really be questionable? We need more specific. We need a color scale. We need to hear that Jerious Norwood is a "light beige", which gives him a 67.5% chance of playing. This is what I need to see. We need him to play, too, because his superior burst is the kind of jumpstart the run game could use.

TE Alge Crumpler, QUES: I doubt you keep Crumpler out of this game, but I also think he's going to be a little limited. A limited Alge Crumpler is still better than most tight ends in the league, so here's long as he's healthy enough.

As always, credit to the Offical Falcons Page for the injury report. See you all back here tomorrow for the highly anticipated game preview.