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Blasting Ed Hartwell for No Good Reason

Now that the effect of the Falcons' last two losses is slowly wearing off, I can look at this team a little more logically. I can accept their shortcomings and embrace the things they've done well.

In short, I am not Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"Sometimes," Hartwell said Wednesday, "you've got to go through a storm to see the rainbow."

Somebody needs to get this man back on the football field before he starts reciting poetry.

Look, we're all frustrated by this. No one likes to see their favorite team doing poorly. If you have to write about them, it's a lot more fun (for most columnists, anyways) to write about them when they're doing well. We all get bitter and pick on people for no good reason (Hello, Mike Jenkins!). But Schultz seems to be going after one of the least responsible culprits here. Yes, Hartwell has been a poor investment. Yes, he's been hurt. But it's not like he's going out there every game and nailing himself in the knee with a sledgehammer. Attacking Hartwell because he's trying to have a positive outlook on the team is completely counterproductive, in my opinion. Hartwell's not out there fumbling the ball away, he's not calling terrible plays, and he's not blowing his coverage repeatedly. He's just hurt, man.

That being said, it's a well-written article that I encourage you all to take a look at. Debate, formulate, and write some Hartwell poetry if you'd like. But let's remember that an injured middle linebacker is the least of the Falcons' worries right now.