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A Very Short Update

For no good reason, I'm fundamentally exhausted, so I apologize for the extreme lateitude of this post. Just to let everyone know, Webster, Abraham, and Kerney are all obviously out for the week, but Lehr is on his way back. Todd Weiner and Alge Crumpler don't look very likely to play (with the disclaimer that this is only Wednesday), and Chris Crocker seems likely to sit in favor of Lance Schulters. In the meantime, shoot a couple posts down and check out the links posted by erstwhile member phoennix10; both are excellent looks at what's going on with the Falcons right now, especially the one from Football Outsiders, which has some very effective analysis. And with that, it's off to dream of Greg Knapp blocking for Mike Vick, which is more or less a win-win situation.