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Kerney Out, Falcons Season Approaching Critical Mass

Via, of course, comes this report that Kerney is out for the season with a pectoral tear. I've avoided attirbuting our losses to injuries, because I really believe it's the quality of play that's been screwing us over. But next weekend, the end positions might be occupied by Paul Carringon and Chauncey Davis. No offense to Carrington and Davis, who are clearly gamers with some skill, but that's hardly the Abraham-Kerney tandem we envisioned at the beginning of the year. Now that tandem is not going to get on the field together again until next year.

I know the tone of my posts have been more negative as of late, but it's difficult to spin this positively. Unless Carrington literally catches on fire, we're going to have a problem intimidating the other teams' offenses. Unless Davis gets possessed by the ghost of Jumpy Geathers, we're taking a hit on the run. Abraham will be riding to the rescue before too long, but next week's game against the Ravens is going to require some offensive fireworks. If Carrington and Davis step up and play very well...then I'll be very happy. And I'll also be wrong. I can live with that.