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Week 10 Open Thread: Falcons vs. Browns

Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
1:00 PM
It's a dome, but hey, it's sunny outside the stadium
Good chance of a running game
Fun Fact: The Browns are averaging 105 total yards less than the Falcons per game.
Atlanta Favored, 8.0, Cleveland Underdog, 42

Stomp the Browns!

Update [2006-11-12 14:1:52 by Dave the Falconer]: I'm not the type that revels in being able to criticize his favorite team, believe me. But this is, for the second week in a row, a decidedly subpar outing for this team. I'm disgusted thus far.

Update [2006-11-12 14:32:27 by Dave the Falconer]: The Falcons finally get on the board with a field goal, though it's not pretty. 14-3 Browns, and no way should Vick have thrown 22 passes in the first half. Get it back on the ground in the second half, Falcons!

Update [2006-11-12 16:34:27 by Dave the Falconer]: Congratulations, Browns. You were the better team today. Vick has not turned a corner whatsoever, and I'm absolutely ashamed of what this team did on offense. The truth is, as I said, that the Browns were the better team and deserve the credit they'll get for this. Now the Falcons will have to put it together big time, or the playoffs are basically a dream.