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Injury Report, Week 10

Let's just pick up the injury report for this week and get to it, courtesy of Official Falcons Page

Ow! My back!

Yes, the injury report is particularly heavy this week, with a lot of big names. This is not a good thing, so we're going to have to expect some lesser knowns to step up in a big way. Without further ado, let's get to the list:

DE John Abraham, Groin, OUT: You read the collected works of Shakespeare yet. Skipped right over Merchant of Venice, didn't you? Don't worry. You've got time during the game.

CB Jason Webster, Groin, OUT: Oh, Jason Webster's out? Golly, that's a shame. What? Is that a party hat? No, don't be silly.

TE Alge Crumpler, Ankle, QUES: Oh crap. I have a feeling Crumpler's not going to let himself sit for the whole game, but an ankle injury isn't good for a guy who gets such extensive use out of it. I think he'll play, but Blakely probably gets more reps than usual.

CB DeAngelo Hall, Hamstring, QUES: Just added to the injury report Thursday, and he's missed the last two practices. I don't think I have to spell out how bad having neither Webster nor Hall would be for the team. That puts Jimmy Williams (who will get to in a minute) and Allen Rossum as the likely starters. Uh oh. I think it's likely Hall gets very little if any time this Sunday.

LB Ed Hartwell, Knee, QUES: He's missed every practice this week, but I still think there's a small chance he plays. Demorrio Williams can step right in if need be, however.

DT Grady Jackson, Knee, QUES: The big man needs his knees, so I'm feeling pretty iffy on that. He has practiced the last two days, so it's likely he'll play. We could use him up the middle to help spring the edge rushers.

WR Ashley Lelie, Groin, QUES: He's practiced, he's a good deep threat, and we'll need him. He's probably going to play.

FB Fred McCrary, Knee, QUES: Hey, look. Another questionable player. Whee! McCrary should be able to play, however, and he might actually get a few carries with Norwood extremely unlikely to play. Speaking of which...

RB Jerious Norwood, Knee, QUES: Extremely unlikely to play.

T Todd Weiner, Knee, QUES: Alright, at this point, this injury report just can't be real, can it? Are we really potentially down this many players? Hell no. Weiner's going to play, damnit.

CB Jimmy Williams, Ankle, QUES: And he'll probably play, too. He practiced today. Here's hoping, as the secondary's in rough shape enough as it is.

So there's your injury report. If 3/4 of these players miss the game, we are in serious trouble. If, as I suspect, it's really only 3 or 4, we're probably doing OK. Time will tell.