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Of Vick: His Praise, They Sing

Couple of good articles available today on Vick's recent play, one from Len Pasquerelli of and Mark Bradley of The Atlantic Journal-Constituion, both of them with the same reverent tones you often hear People magazine (motto: Look, Famous People Are Better Than You!) use for say, Tom Cruise. Pasquerelli strikes a slightly more cautious tone than Bradley, but both seem to agree that Vick is clearly showing something he hasn't shown before. Bradley makes a very interesting point about the offense when he says..

Greg Knapp has stopped calling dinky West Coast plays and is catering to Vick's conspicuous strengths. These past two weeks the quarterback has gotten outside the pocket and flung the ball vertically. (Forget that horizontal garbage.) At the beginning of Sunday's fourth quarter Vick engineered maybe his finest drive as a Falcons player, taking his team to the field goal that would ultimately be the difference, converting consecutive third downs that only he could have converted.

This is important because it's truthful. The West Coast offense is never going to entirely work for Vick because of his mysterious inability to throw accurate short passes in the pocket. With the ability to mix it up and really throw downfield, he's been able to find a comfort level with himself and his receivers. As long as the protection continues to hold up, it's going to be very hard to stop him. Of course, it begs the question of why this didn't happen before; seems like Knapp wouldn't have to dig too far into his genius bag to say "you know what, what we're doing now is not catering to Vick's strengths".

Naturally, both these articles and my own thoughts come with the disclaimer that this is still only a two week span. If Vick continues this smooth road through Detroit and Cleavland and the receivers continue to play well, it'll definitely be time to anoint him as a true passing quarterback. For now, read both those articles and revel in justified praise.