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A Contract Extension for Weiner/ Woo!

You know how hard it is to write a headline for something involved Weiner that doesn't look incredibly dirty?

No matter, though. The Falcons inked Weiner to a 5yr/$22 million contract, and good for them.
has a bit more about it, but I don't see a downside unless Weiner has injury problems. He's done a very good job protecting Vick's blind side, and it was smart of the Falcons to pick this up before it became a problem in the offseason. Hopefully he'll continue to earn that money for the next several years, and the next game specifically.

And now I'm off to celebrate the results of the World Series. Through some odd quirk of my childhood that I won't bore anyone with, I ended up an Atlanta Falcons and a St. Louis Cardinals fan, and tonight is probably the sweetest I've had as a sports fan since the Falcons beat the Vikings in the NFC Championship (no, the 2004 World Series does not count). And with that, I'll be seeing you tomorrow for the game preview.