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Ye Olde Injurie Missive

Hear ye, hear is the Falcons injury report as of today, courtesy of The Offical Falcons Site. Let's start with the obvious.

DE John Abraham, Groin, OUT: Big surprise here, eh? As previously mentioned, Chauncey Davis will take his place. Abraham is going to be a fixture on this list for the next few weeks, so let's say hello.

DT Jonathan Babineaux, Heel, QUES: Taking Rod Coleman's place last week, Babineaux himself was hurt...which sucks. That being said, I'm reasonably confident we're going to see him and Coleman get some snaps, but if Coleman's going to play, Babineaux might get some rest.

DT Rod Coleman, Toe, QUES: See Babineaux, Jonathan. I expect Coleman to play this week, and hopefully not be too limited. We'll need him to clog up the middle against Rudi Johnson.

G Kynan Forney, Shoulder, QUES: Forney practiced Thursday but actually missed today's practice, which raises a red flag. I expect him to sit this one out, as the shoulder problem has been flaring up most of the season and he clearly needs to take care of it. Expect Tyson Clabo to start in his place.

RB Fred McCrary, Knee, QUES: Just added to the injury report Friday, and he also my gut says he'll be in the game. If not, I'm sure he'll be cracking up the locker room with his hilarious hijinks, which is really almost as good.

T/G Quinn Ojinnaka, Ankle, QUES: He damn well better play. With Lehr out and Forney not likely to play, we really need Ojinnaka, who has a lot of potential. He's practiced the last three days, so I fully expect to see him in there, but man, you do not want to start a rookie guard with an injured ankle against the Pumpkin Cats. Surprise me, Quinn!

Game preview and final injury report tomorrow morning. Figure out scientifically how large a falcon would have to be to take down a bengal and we'll meet back here tomorrow.