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Of Crumpler: 3 TDs = Offense Player of the Week

Read a short, glowing story about Crumpler's nice week over at the Official Falcons Page and bask in his pass catching glory. The Steelers' head-scratching decision to lightly cover Crumpler for a goodly part of the game takes nothing away from the fact that he was, shortly before Halloween, a sort of monster in a #83 jersey. If Crumpler has half that performance against the Bengals (i.e., 3 catches, 59 yards, 1 or 2 TDs), I'd be pretty happy. If he wants to earn NFC Offensive Player of the Week again, well, I wouldn't mind that too much either.

Look for a preview and injury report tonight or early tomorrow, and any breaking news later in the day. This is Dave the Falconer, signing off.

Go Crumpler!