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Indispensable, You Say?'s Michael Smith has a list of All-Indispensable Offensive and Defensive players, and two Falcons actually made the list. Interesting choices, both, too:

Keith Brooking: Hasn't missed a game in five-plus seasons, and the Falcons are grateful for it. Has been productive and team's leader from both outside and middle linebacker spots.

No argument here. I don't know if I'd call Brooking indispensable or not, but you can't deny his sustained excellence. What about the offensive side of the ball, Mr. Smith?

Alge Crumpler: Only real receiving threat in the Falcons' sputtering passing game because he seems to be the only pass catcher Mike Vick trusts. Not to mention Crumpler's pretty good.

Absolutely true. Without Crumpler, the passing game would probably be anemic. I think "totally frickin' awesome" would be better than "pretty good", but I'm just nitpicking.