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Sound the Drums...Abraham is Down

From the all-seeing eye of ESPN:

John Abraham continues to be slowed by injuries. The Atlanta Falcons announced Tuesday that the three-time Pro Bowl defensive end will undergo abdominal surgery and miss three to four weeks.

Admittedly Abraham hasn't seen the field too often since the Falcons traded for him, but this is still bad news. Chauncey Davis is expected to start in his  place; Davis is a good young defender. He is not John Abraham, however, and that is going to dictate the Falcons blitz packages for the next couple of weeks. The bright side is that the Falcons really get an extended look at Davis, who absolutely has a lot of potential. When Rod Coleman gets back on the field, Davis should find himself with some holes in the line to jaunt through. What he does with those opportunities may determine how effective the Falcons' D-line looks in the next few weeks.

So what does this tell us about Abraham? Way too soon to pass judgment on him, in my opinion. The Falcons received a premier pass rushing defensive end, and when he's healthy, their front seven is clearly one of the best in football. The only question is injuries, and hopefully this will be his last major problem of the season.

See you in a month, John Abraham.