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Final Injury Report

And it goes like this:

John Abraham's questionable with that nagging groin injury, and my gut says he's going to play sparingly, if at all.

Rod Coleman's questionable, too, but that's because he hurt his toe. Don't think we'll be seeing much of him, either.

Quinn Ojinnaka's questionable, ankle, and not playing, as usual.

Grady Jackson's probably with knee problems, but I think he's going to be in there.

Patrick Kerney's probable with a hammy problem, and this one's tougher to call. He did practice Friday, so chances are good we're going to see him, but I do expect him to be somewhat limited thanks to the delicate nature of hammy injuries.

The Mike Vick Experience is probably with a shoulder injury, and he'll definitely play. Not like he uses that shoulder on those 20 yard scrambles, right?

Credit to for the injury report. Get some lighter fluid for those Terrible Towels and we'll meet back here tomorrow for the Week 7 Open Thread, Falcons and Steelers.