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Welcome to the site, folks. I'll be taking you through the up and down world of the Atlanta Falcons, where the defense is stingy for four weeks and then collectively falls down a well when Tiki Barber shows up. I'm a lifelong Falcons fans, and I'm hoping to share my views on the team with all of you and have you all share yours with me. Say what you want about the Falcons, but they've never been dull. A few quick ground rules and we'll get this thing started:

1.    I welcome everyone to post here, Falcons fan or not, though I expect most of you will have an interest in the Falcons or at least football. I'd like to maintain a good discussion here, which means I want people to back their opinions up, not outright insult eachother, keep the swearing to a minimum, and above all, have a blast. If any of these rules are broken, I will make it exceedingly clear. I want everyone to enjoy their stay at The Falcoholic, so let's just operate under the premise that everyone deserves respect for their opinions and we'll be cool.

  1. Use the diaries. If I don't post something you really want to talk about, or if you have an issue you want to bring to the community's attention, post away. It's a great way to post something a little longer and more thoughtful than the average comment, and I encourage you all to use them.
  2. We all love making fun of other teams and other fans. I expect that all of us will be doing it at some time or another. Just don't be too cruel. Same goes for our team; I'm going to be as hard on the Falcons as anyone, but let's all keep it off the personal level.
I'll add more if required, or if I remember anything I forgot. With all that out of the way, let's get on with our lives as Falcoholics. Hope to hear from all of you soon.