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An In-Depth Look At The Falcons


Eye-opening quotes from Thomas Dimitroff as he ponders the team's past and future.

Senior Bowl Interview with Thomas Dimitroff


Some interesting tidbits from the GM with the best hair in the league.

Thomas Dimitroff Talks Mike Smith, Cap Space


When asked if a first round playoff exit in 2014 will put Mike Smith's job in jeopardy, Thomas Dimitroff responded "No."

Thomas Dimitroff Says Line Must Grow


So Thomas Dimitroff hopped on 790 the Zone this morning to talk to Alge Crumpler and JP Peterson. There's a couple of items worth delving into over the next  couple of days, but I'm gonna start...

Falcons Lobby Tony Gonzalez To Return In 2013


The Atlanta Falcons general manager gave an interview and urged the Hall of Fame tight end to come back.

Falcons Have High Hopes For Wide Receiver Kerry Meier


The Falcoholic relays the news that the Atlanta Falcons really like second year receiver Kerry Meier, whose rookie season was wiped out by an injury. Dave Choate sets realistic expectations.

Thomas Dimitroff Gives His Impressions Of Falcon Rookies


It's Thomas Dimitroff, so don't expect him to call anyone "awesome" or "otherwordly." Still, it's interesting to get thoughts straight from the dude in charge of putting Falcons uniforms on these guys. Most interesting comment for my money is Lawrence Sidbury, who Dimitroff said is going to need some time. For those of us who expected Sidbury to become a force in his rookie season, it might be time to look at more realistic expectations.

The 2009 NFL Draft Is Over, Long Live The 2009 Draft Class!


The Falcoholic takes a look at the Atlanta Falcons draft class and concludes that great things are on the horizon.

Tony Gonzalez Is The Last Piece Of The Offensive Puzzle In Atlanta


It's not every day the Atlanta Falcons get a Hall of Famer. Dave the Falconer takes a look at the trade that netted the Falcons Tony Gonzalez.

A Very Falcoholic Discussion: What Would You Ask Thomas Dimitroff?


With the official site of the Atlanta Falcons fielding questions for Thomas Dimitroff, The Falcoholic asks its readers what they would ask the personnel guru.

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