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Atlanta Falcon Position Battles: Strong Safety


The Falcoholic's readers try to project the battle for the starting strong safety spot, months ahead of when it will actually be decided.

Falcons Banking Heavily On Familiar Faces


The Atlanta Falcons are counting on a quality draft again this year, but it would be unfair to overlook the potential contributions of players already on the roster. The Falcoholic takes a closer...

In Defense Of The First Two Days Of Falcon Free Agency


A defense of the path the Atlanta Falcons seem to be choosing in free agency by a guy who has been miserably wrong in doubting new general manager Thomas Dimitroff in the past.


Musings on the safety position...

So, Lawyer Milloy is gone. Want to know why? Peter King's got the details: "3. I think if you want to know why the Atlanta Falcons whacked safety Lawyer Milloy on Sunday night, all you need to...

Lawer Milloy Is Taking A Midnight Train To Free Agency


Lawyer Milloy rides off into the sunset, headed to free agency after three years with the Atlanta Falcons. How will the team replace him?

Of Lawyer Milloy And Domonique Foxworth


Lawyer Milloy wants to go to the Seahawks, to which I reply "okay." Lawyer did some good things while he was here, but he also began showing his age and sort of got in a little bit of legal trouble there, so this isn't the end of the world. Move Thomas DeCoud or Erik Coleman over to SS and draft another safety in the middle rounds. Problem solved. Foxworth, on the other hand, must be signed. There's some conflicting viewpoints on how good Foxworth was for us last year, but here's mine: He was a very good tackler who played pretty good in coverage. On a team with a truly top flight corner, he'd be a solid number two. For this Falcons team, he's clearly the best option until Chevis Jackson has a little time to grow. Make it happen, Comrade!

Erik Coleman Hurt, Thomas DeCoud Could Start For Falcons


This isn't great news. While I like Thomas DeCoud a lot, throwing him into the starting lineup against one of the league's most potent passing attacks represents a very steep learning  curve...

How Will Lawyer Milloy's Arrest Affect The Falcons?


Lawyer Milloy's arrest for DUI and speeding The Falcons were fresh off a disappointing loss to the Bucs when Milloy was nabbed. Known as one of the league's good guys, Milloy has never before...

Falcons Finally Cut Jimmy Williams


I don't have a lot to say that hasn't been said already. Jimmy Williams went from promising cornerback to promising safety to promising player for another team. This coaching staff hasn't been shy...

Falcons Sign Chevis Jackson, Thomas DeCoud


As predicted, the signings are starting to come in a little faster now. After you sign your Keith Zinger, you've really set the tone for everyone else. There's not a lot to be said here that...

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