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Dave The Falconer Participates In No Logo Needed Mock Draft


It's early yet, but the fine folks at No Logo Needed are moving the process along pretty quickly. Get your suggestions in for who the Falcons should draft at 24, and I'll follow them to the letter. Unless you say a quarterback, that is.

Dave The Falconer Picks LB Clint Sintim In Mock Draft


Follow the link to the Football Burrito mock draft, which several of our SBN bloggers are participating in. I selected Clint Sintim based on need, but feel free to disagree in the comments.

The Falcoholic Welcomes Our New Yahoo! Readers


Check out the link for the full scoop, but needless to say we'll have some new readers coming in. Please be sure to read The Falcoholic Primer on the upper part of the left hand bar and join the conversation. Glad to have you all aboard.

A Falcoholic Primer


If you're fairly new to the site or you haven't read up on the rules in a while, click this link or check over on "A Falcoholic Primer" near the top of the left rail. That'll get you caught up right quick. For my long time readers, please feel free to suggest nicknames or anything else I may have missed. Thanks to all for reading and supporting The Falcoholic!

Falcoholic Fantasy Football Standings, Week 13


If you're on the cusp of the playoffs, now might be the time to crank those lineups up. It's been a closely contested season for everyone except Sam Baker's Dozen, who sits at 12-1.

Vote For Matt Ryan For ESPN's NEXT Athlete


Because he's Matt Ryan. Do you need any other reasons?

Falcoholic Fantasy Football Standing, Week 9


Yes, I am the moron that left 67 points on the bench in the form of Jay Cutler and Eddie Royal. Laugh all you want. As of now, Sam Baker's Dozen is running away with the league with an 8-1 record.

Dave the Falconer Pens ESPN the Magazine Article


Sometimes you can't help but shamelessly self-promote. I hope you'll give it a read, if for no other reason than the need to vote for Matt Ryan as the next big thing.

Sam Baker Held Out Of Practice


If there's a knock on Baker, it's that he seems to be hurt pretty often. We could really use him protecting Matt Ryan's blindside this weekend, so let's hope this is just a temporary setback.

Falcoholic Fantasy Football Standings, Week One


Here are the standings after the first week in the mighty Falcoholic Fantasy Football league. You'll note that a certain debonair blogger is currently 1-0!

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