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A Glass Of Falcohol: Discussing The Tampa Bay Bucs


The Falcoholic looks to generate discussion on hated division rivals of the Atlanta Falcons. The first victims are the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Draft Notes For NFC South Rivals


The Falcoholic takes a look at the draft handiwork of NFC South rivals, with a little gentle ribbing thrown in.

An April Discussion Of The NFC South Landscape


The Falcoholic takes a brief look at the current state of the NFC South and irresponsibly decides their 2009 fate. Even The Falcoholic knows it's too early for this!

Tampa Bay Bucs Trade For TE Kellen Winslow


Super costly move for a guy who has an injury history and a bit of a reputation as a head case, but he's supremely talented and can only help the Bucs as long as he's on the field. This isn't great news.

Former Falcon Warrick Dunn Released By Tamp Bay Bucs


I'm not advocating that we go get him, obviously, but here's hoping he catches on somewhere. He still had something left in the tank for the Bucs last season.

News On The Wing: February 17 Edition


The Falcoholic wraps morsels of news in crispy bacon and offers them up. The news for the week includes Michael Vick, the combine and Keith Brooking's future in Atlanta.

Tampa Bay Bucs Chasing DT Albert Haynesworth?


I would sooner wear a bacon swimsuit in a kiddie pool full of piranhas than watch the Bucs pick up Haynesworth. Let's hope this doesn't happen, because they've got the cap room to get a deal done in short order.

Falcons and Bucs Recap: There's No Shame In Winning Ugly


The Atlanta Falcons stay in the thick of the playoff race with an ugly win over the Tampa Bay Bucs. The Falcoholic takes a look at the aftermath.

A Probing Probe Into The Atlanta Falcons Schedule


This is the kind of hard-hitting journalism that will win me a Nobel Prize. After looking over your responses to my discussion post yesterday, it's become apparent that most of you think we're...

Falcons vs. Bucs Recap: When Good Games Go Bad


I think many of us were feeling pretty good about the Falcons after the first week of the season. After all, though we knew the Lions were an awful team, we beat them so thoroughly that it seemed...

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