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Former Atlanta Falcon Michael Boley Out 8-10 Weeks


Tough break for Boley and the New York Giants. As one of the guy's biggest fans, I hope he's up and running again sooner than later.

In Defense Of The First Two Days Of Falcon Free Agency


A defense of the path the Atlanta Falcons seem to be choosing in free agency by a guy who has been miserably wrong in doubting new general manager Thomas Dimitroff in the past.

New York Giants Set To Sign Michael Boley


You know, I was quite fond of Michael Boley. Up until last year, he seemed like the biggest bright spot on defense, and he's still clearly got the talent necessary to make some noise. I wish him well until he plays us, at which point I hope he transforms from monster into helpless baby bird.

Atlanta Falcons Free Agency Day Two: An Open Thread


The Atlanta Falcons didn't make much noise in the first day of free agency. The Falcoholic's readers weigh in on the much anticipated second day.

Falcons Re-Sign Several Free Agents, Key Players Hitting Free Agency


The Atlanta Falcons re-sign several free agents who will provide quality depth, but have let at least two key free agents test the market. How will the team be affected?

Michael Boley Benched On First And Second Downs Sunday


You all know how much I think of Boley, but if it's come to this it might be useless to give him a contract extension. I'm not saying he still can't be a star, but this has been a very disappointing year for him.

Falcons and Bucs Recap: There's No Shame In Winning Ugly


The Atlanta Falcons stay in the thick of the playoff race with an ugly win over the Tampa Bay Bucs. The Falcoholic takes a look at the aftermath.

Atlanta Falcons: Our Kingdom For A Pass Rush


Examining the woes of the Falcons pass rush. Sadly, no immediate solution is on the way.

Michael Boley Regaining Monstrous Form?


Unlike the stock market, Michael Boley is trending upward. Zing! I'd make quite the economic pundit, no? But Boley's hopeful resurgence is much more important to us today than the fact that many...

A Falcoholic Interview With Michael Boley


via www.atlantafalcons.com Yes, that Michael Boley. Thanks to the fine folks at Reebok--the official outfitter of the NFL-- I was given the chance to interview Michael Boley. Unable to escape...

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