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Atlanta Falcons Defensive End Spot Up For Grabs


Jamaal Anderson will have to hold off Chauncey Davis, at least, and potentially Kroy Biermann and Lawrency Sidbury for his spot. Hope the dude's ready to play.

Sidbury's Ours


The Falcons have signed Lawrence Sidbury. That's six of eight draftees under contract. Of course, the financial aspects of the deal are yet to be released.

Thomas Dimitroff Gives His Impressions Of Falcon Rookies


It's Thomas Dimitroff, so don't expect him to call anyone "awesome" or "otherwordly." Still, it's interesting to get thoughts straight from the dude in charge of putting Falcons uniforms on these guys. Most interesting comment for my money is Lawrence Sidbury, who Dimitroff said is going to need some time. For those of us who expected Sidbury to become a force in his rookie season, it might be time to look at more realistic expectations.

Meet A New Atlanta Falcon: DE Lawrence Sidbury


The Falcoholic introduces readers to Richmond defensive end Lawrence Sidbury, who may well end up being the best pick of the entire draft for the Atlanta Falcons.

It's Saturday And We're Talking Falcon Linebackers


Sometimes these discussions really are as simple as the title of the post. I gotta give you all a break every now and then, right? In case you missed it, the Falcons signed free agent linebacker...

Atlanta Falcons 2009 NFL Draft Grades


The Falcoholic grades the 2009 NFL Draft for the Atlanta Falcons. With value at every pick, this is a report card the team can be proud of.

The 2009 NFL Draft Is Over, Long Live The 2009 Draft Class!


The Falcoholic takes a look at the Atlanta Falcons draft class and concludes that great things are on the horizon.

Atlanta Falcon Draft Pick Capsules, Rounds Three Through Five


The Falcoholic looks at drafted players from rounds three through five. There's a lot of solid value for the Falcons in a defensive-heavy draft.

The Panthers DE Options for the NFL Draft


Revshawn breaks down the 2nd round DE's the day before the draft. Will a DE be in the cards for the Panthers in the draft?

Arizona Cardinals Potential Draft Pick: Lawrence Sidbury


The Arizona Cardinals need some major help at outside linebacker but is Lawrence Sidbury Jr. the answer? We look at his collegiate career at Richmond and his future in the NFL.

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