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2010 Preseason schedule


The Falcons will warm up vs. the Chiefs, vs. the Patriots (nationally televised), at the Dolphins and at the Jaguars.

Tony Gonzalez Is The Last Piece Of The Offensive Puzzle In Atlanta


It's not every day the Atlanta Falcons get a Hall of Famer. Dave the Falconer takes a look at the trade that netted the Falcons Tony Gonzalez.

Falcons Acquire TE Tony Gonzalez For 2010 2nd Round Pick


Well, we're deferring the payment for a year, but the Chiefs are still getting their second round pick. Now that he's here, there's nothing to do but hope for another three-to-five great years out of Gonzo, and I am pretty thrilled to fill the last major position player hole on offense with one of the greatest of all time. We'll discuss what it cost at a later time. Your thoughts?

Report: Tony Gonzalez Offer Rejected By Chiefs


The Falcoholic tries to sort out the roller coaster of Tony Gonzalez news. It now appears that the Falcons' offer of a second round pick wasn't enough to pry away the future Hall of Famer.

Chiefs Waive Wide Receiver Will Franklin


A young receiver with upside who would come extremely cheap? Please, please sign me up.

Falcons vs. Chiefs Recap: That Was A Blast


When you're expected to win a game, that is how you are expected to win it. The Falcons were favored against the incredibly inept Chiefs and responded by beating the tar out of them by the fun...

Atlanta Falcons vs. Kansas City Chiefs Open Thread


via www.kcchiefs.com If the Falcons are going to be favored in one game all year, this is pretty much has to be it. Fresh off a nasty loss against the Bucs o' Tampa Bay, the Falcons should come...

Five Kansas City Chiefs Questions With Arrowhead Pride


Fresh off a bad game against Tampa Bay, the Falcons draw a (hopefully) inept Chiefs squad. With burning questions about Tyler Thigpen and Larry Johnson, I got in touch with the talented Chris of A...

Arrowhead Pride Talks Tyler Thigpen


SBN's terrific Chiefs blogger responds to my post on Tyler Thigpen, and he's actually less optimistic than I am.

Chiefs Clearly Trying To Give Game To Falcons


Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards doesn't want to win this weekend. There's no other explanation for the news coming out of KC, where Edwards is starting incredibly unproven QB Tyler...

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