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Top Remaining Atlanta Falcon Free Agents As Of March 2

  1. DE Chauncey Davis
  2. S Lawyer Milloy
  3. DT Grady Jackson
  4. TE Marcus Pollard
  5. LB Tony Gilbert

The Falcons Could Lose Two Defensive Linemen


via www.endzone.it Heartening, this isn't. In a lot of ways, maybe the Falcons would be smart to let Grady Jackson walk. He's way overdue for that weight to catch up with his knees, and he was...

Falcons and Bucs Recap: There's No Shame In Winning Ugly


The Atlanta Falcons stay in the thick of the playoff race with an ugly win over the Tampa Bay Bucs. The Falcoholic takes a look at the aftermath.

Grady Jackson's Fate To Be Decided Soon


O, mighty Atropos, please don't let our hulking lineman be suspended! We'll be needing him the rest of the way.

Atlanta Falcons: Our Kingdom For A Pass Rush


Examining the woes of the Falcons pass rush. Sadly, no immediate solution is on the way.

Grady Jackson Gets Appeal Going, Will Continue To Play


Our boy Grady Jackson appealed his suspension and has hearings later in the week, giving him a pretty good chance of playing against the Panthers. Imagine what the defensive line would look like without Jackson to plug up the middle. Trey Lewis, this Falcoholic turns his lonely eyes to you!

Of Grady Jackson And The Water Pill Fiasco


A brief look at the predicament players who stand accused of using water pills now face.

Grady Jackson Suspended For Positive Test?


Note that this is essentially a rumor, albeit one that the AJC has put some legwork into discovering. If true, Grady Jackson's possible suspension is another unfortunate distraction. An actual suspension would much worse than that. Thoughts?

Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles Open Thread


via i.cdn.turner.com It seems like a year since the Falcons last played a game, but blissfully we're back on the schedule today. The Falcons have beaten teams (Packers, Bears) who are arguably...

Falcons at Packers Recap: How Lambeau Was Won


This season has turned into a rollercoaster. Last week I was bitter and angry about the way the game against the Panthers, and this week I have a spring in my step and a song in my heart after we...

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