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Mock Offseason #1

via l1.yimg.com I've been thinking about this for a while. As much as I'd rather the Falcons to take Khalil Mack at 6 rather than trade up for Clowney, I feel like they are going to trade up...

Do we need an experienced backup QB?


If so, is there any chance we would trade a 7th round pick for Tebow? Seeing how the comrade is such a stickler for high character players, I thought he might be willing to trade a 7th rounder for him. There's little chance he cold cause a QB controversy and he would be a backup with starting (and playoff) experience.

Four Changes Mike Mularkey Needs To Make On Offense

Since I know several of you also take issue with the way the Falcons offense is run, I thought this may interest some of y'all. (Shameless Self Promotion!!!)

Roster Turnover

Seeing the Falcons tied with the Steelers for fewest new players since Week 17 of 2009 is awesome. That stability is a sign of a good team.

Owners Vote To Pass New CBA

Now the player reps just need to approve the deal and recertify the union within the next few days. If players agree, team facilities would open Saturday and free agency could start as early as Wednesday. Make sure you check out the details of the new labor deal over at AF.com, though really it's all up in the air until the union agrees. Also, the HOF game will be cancelled.

Atlanta pro sports and integration

With Martin Luther King Day quickly approaching, and the recent surge of fanDOME in Atlanta sports, I think this article is perfectly timed. Some of you might already have read it because it is from ESPN. However, those who haven't and are Atlanta sports fans, and those who were born after the 1950's, definitely should. I was born in 1990 and moved to Atlanta when I was three. Atlanta is my home and I support all of our sports teams. This article was fascinating to me and while it doesn't focus solely on the Falcons, it is a must-read for Atlanta lovers.


Hey Falcon Fans!

Hey guys, even though we (the Buc fans) hate you and you hate us, I just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Thanksgiving. I'm really hoping both teams take their next two games a set up a heck of a...

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