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Playoff Open Thread: Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals


via cache.gettyimages.com This is it, guys. Everything the Falcons have worked so hard for comes down to this. Lose and go home with a successful season under our belts and a general sense of...

Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers Open Thread


via cache.daylife.com Welcome to the latest chapter in a recent yet burgeoning rivalry, pitting our beloved Atlanta Falcons against the hated disliked somewhat less-than-loved Carolina Panthers....

Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints Open Thread


via cache.gettyimages.com This is a game worth getting way too excited about. The Falcons will look for their first NFC South win against the Saints, who were supposed to roll to the division...

Atlanta Falcons at Oakland Raiders Open Thread


via cache.daylife.com Unshaven, unwashed and generally disheveled, I return in time for the game against mighty tenacious Oakland. Sitting at 4-3, the Falcons could use a win to boost themselves...

Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles Open Thread


via i.cdn.turner.com It seems like a year since the Falcons last played a game, but blissfully we're back on the schedule today. The Falcons have beaten teams (Packers, Bears) who are arguably...

Bye Week Open Thread: Comment And Be Merry


With the Falcons off, football doesn't hold quite the same allure. That doesn't mean you can't talk football here at The Falcoholic like you can every Sunday, though. In fact, for a limited time...

Atlanta Falcons vs. Chicago Bears Open Thread


via cache.gettyimages.com Hey, we're 3-2! For the Falcons to match or exceed 90% of "expert" predictions for the season by getting to four wins, they'll have to roll past the Bears. This may be...

Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers Open Thread


via thegooley.com The Packers are a better team than the Falcons, but their up and down season is very familiar.Rising star quarterback Aaron Rodgers could miss the game, which gives the Falcons...

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers Open Thread


via www.fansedge.com After their second ridiculously easy game of the season, the Falcons face notorious nemesis Carolina in an actual game of football. This will be a good indicator of whether...

Atlanta Falcons vs. Kansas City Chiefs Open Thread


via www.kcchiefs.com If the Falcons are going to be favored in one game all year, this is pretty much has to be it. Fresh off a nasty loss against the Bucs o' Tampa Bay, the Falcons should come...

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