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Atlanta Area Residents Fighting "Cam Newton Drive"


I'd pay good money to be at that Public Hearing. Mainly because I'd slap the idiot who thought this was a good idea.

Dmitri Nance Returns To The Atlanta Falcons


The 2010 practice squad hero is back in Atlanta. A quality pass-blocker and receiver who hasn't distinguished himself as a runner, Nance will try to compete for a roster spot in a Dirk Koetter offense friendlier toward backs of his ilk. Welcome back, Rushin' Russian.

Texans QB Matt Schaub Could Be Done For The Season


He's expected to miss multiple weeks with a foot injury. Needless to say, this would make the Falcons' week 13 matchup with the Texans much more winnable.

On The Clock With Jay Adams And The Falcoholic, Week 4


This week, we discuss defensive ends, getting dressed up for the draft and Allen Bailey beating an alligator to death with a shovel.

Falcons To Work Out Rookie Justin Houston On March 25


I'll have a longer reaction to this tomorrow, but for now know the Falcons plan to put Georgia DE/OLB Justin Houston through a light workout later this month. As a pass rusher, he could be an intriguing fit for the Falcons.

Troy WR Jerrel Jernigan Schedules Private Workout With Falcons


He'll be joined by former Troy running back DuJuan Harris next week. Jernigan is considered one of the better receiver prospects in the draft, though he clocks in at a diminutive 5'9". Interesting fit for the Falcons.

RealClearSports Has Us on Top of the Power Ranking Averages


I don't place much, if any, stock in power rankings, but I always enjoy reading people saying good stuff about the teams I like. The Falcons are getting a lot of respect from the media with their recent wins. Real Clear Sports' has averaged together the power rankings from a number of respectable organizations like ESPN, CBS, Fox, and USA Today and found out that we come out on top. Their top 5 (and average rank): 1. Falcons (1.58) 2. Patriots (2) 3. Jets (2.67) 4. Ravens (4.33) 5. Saints (5.44)

2010 Preseason schedule


The Falcons will warm up vs. the Chiefs, vs. the Patriots (nationally televised), at the Dolphins and at the Jaguars.

Falcons To Work Out Defensive Linemen Tuesday


The three linemen, according to the AJC, are Orpheus Roye, Paul Spicer and Antwan Lake. Roye is 36 years old and a part-time player, Spicer is 34 and had 31 tackles and 3.5 sacks last year, and Lake is 30 and last had more than 2 sacks when he was with us in 2005. Give me Spicer! We'll know sooner than later, I'd expect, but feel free to speculate on just who the team is bringing in.

Jacksonville Jaguars Swipe CB William Middleton


William Middleton, a sleeper pick at cornerback in this year's draft, is heading to the Jaguars and may actually move up the ranks there pretty quickly. What a rotten day.

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