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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond


It's time for the weekly staple of Windy City Gridiron. my NFL Thoughts! Enjoy...

An In-Depth Look At The Falcons


Eye-opening quotes from Thomas Dimitroff as he ponders the team's past and future.

Arthur Blank Talks Toughness, 2013


A seemingly throwaway comment from an Arthur Blank interview may point to a larger change in philosophy.

Arthur Blank Interview on ESPN Radio


Arthur Blank was on ESPN's "The Herd" this morning. Here's a link to the full interview. Topics of discussion include Julio Jones, Matt Ryan, and the end of the CBA negotiations.

Arthur Blank: The Atlanta Falcons Have No Fear


Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank says the 2011 NFL Draft is a sign that his team will not be timid. That's welcome news for The Falcoholic.

Of Arthur Blank, NFL Labor And Uneasy Feelings


The Falcoholic is a little skeptical of the intent behind Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank's latest letter to fans. While there may be good intentions, Dave Choate can't help but be jaded by the...

Should The ACC Championship Game Move To Atlanta If The SEC Moves Out?


Falcons owner Arthur Blank wants to build the team a new, $700 million open-air stadium just north of the Georgia World Congress Center, abandoning the Georgia Dome. Eagle in Atlanta wonders whether the SEC, which has stated they want to keep its Championship Game indoors, would abandon the Georgia Dome for New Orleans' Super Dome. If the SEC Championship Game left Atlanta, would the ACC swoop in to fill the city's college football Championship Game void? Me? I'm more worried about what impact moving the Falcons to an open-air stadium will have on Matt Ryan's Super Bowl prospects. That, and are we even going to play football next season?

A Letter To Arthur Blank: We Are Ready To RISE UP!


Can we please start a petition to get Arthur Blank to bring Samuel L. Jackson and that Gospel Choir to the Georgia Dome, to do that Rise Up commercial live pregame on Saturday. I would love..

The Atlanta Falcons Have $20 Million In Cap Space


I know there's still negotiations to be had and perhaps a few lower-tier free agents kicking around, but that's an awful lot of cap space. It might be very handy to have around next off-season to lock up key players, but we really don't know what kind of position we'll be in yet. Maybe Arthur Blank is building a Scrooge McDuck style vault as we speak. Incidentally, I also have $20 million in salary cap room. The unfortunate part is that my salary cap is $20,000,001.15. I guess we can't all be wealthy.

Could The Falcons Move To Another Part Of Atlanta Metro Area?


According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, that might just be the case.

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