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Tony Gonzalez And A Question Of Value


The Atlanta Falcons are rumored to be chasing Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez. The Falcoholic advocates swinging the trade, but only if the price is right.

49ers Release Tackle Jonas Jennings


To say Jonas Jennings in injury-plagued is like saying Europe was plague-plagued in the 1300's. Still, he's a top-tier run-blocker when healthy and might come at a reasonable rate, so I firmly believe the Falcons should take a hard look at signing him. We've got spend some of that free agent money somewhere, right?

A Very Falcoholic Discussion: The Next Atlanta Falcons Signing


Man, it is slow out there right now. I keep waiting for the Falcons to make a music video or create a legion of superheroes or something, but so far there's been no luck. Looking ahead to more...

The Falcons Should Pursue Free Agent Receiver D.J. Hackett


The Falcoholic advocates signing wide receiver D.J. Hackett on the cheap. The oft-injured wideout could provide value for the Atlanta Falcons in the year ahead.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Reports L.J. Smith Not Signing With Falcons


D. Orlando Ledbetter reports that L.J. Smith has balked at joining the Falcons and the team has in turn decided that he'd be a poor fit for their blocking heavy tight end scheme. You may now rejoice.

Falcons Ink Offensive Lineman Brett Romberg


A versatile backup, Romberg should at the very least provide quality depth for the Falcons at center and at best could push for a starting job at one of the guard spots. Quality signing.

Bucs Re-Sign Safety Jermaine Phillips


Another free agent bites the dust. Unless the Falcons somehow grab James Butler to play strong safety, a starter is going to have to come out of the draft.

Falcons Courting Free Agents L.J. Smith, Daniel Loper


The Atlanta Falcons continue their sudden free agent surge, mulling a contract for tight end L.J. Smith and visiting with offensive tackle Daniel Loper on Friday. Good news for Falcons fans!

The Great Debate About TE L.J. Smith


L.J. Smith, former tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles, is scheduled to meet with the Atlanta Falcons Thursday. The Falcoholic isn't so sure about his chances in Atlanta.

Falcons Invite L.J. Smith, Brett Romberg To Atlanta


L.J. Smith is the tight end everyone loves to hate, so we'll see if Comrade Dimitroff likes him enough to sign. If he could ever capitalize on his potential, we'd be golden. Brett Romberg is likely backup center/possibly guard material. You can always use more depth on the offensive line, I say.

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