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Falcons Look To Sign Four More Undrafted Free Agents


According to Scout.com and our good friend J.Mike over at the official site, the Falcons have reportedly agreed to terms with West Virginia o-lineman Ryan Stanchek, Missouri linebacker Brock Christopher, San Diego quarterback/wide receiver Darren Mougey and Northern Arizona punter Robbie Dehaze. The most intriguing prospect in that list is probably Stanchek, who isn't the world's biggest guy at 6'4" and 298 pounds, but has the toughness and ability to play an interior spot. Keep an eye on him.

Detroit Lions Make Georgia QB Matthew Stafford First Pick Of 2009 Draft


The Lions signed Stafford to what could be a $78 million contract, with over $40 million guaranteed. What really ticks me off is that we already know who they've signed, but we're still going to have to wait ten minutes tomorrow for the team to come out and announce it. What do they do behind the scenes, anyways?

Yahoo! Sports Shutdown Corner Blog Features The Falcoholic


Behold this 90-minute podcast, which takes you start to finish through the first round with the folks from Shutdown Corner. The various editors of SBNation's football blogs called in each pick we made in our mock draft and the crew over at Yahoo! analyzes each one, so it's a fun listen. And iIf you want to hear what Dave the Falconer sounds like when he's stressed out and running on four hours of sleep, you'll also appreciate this.

SBNation Broncos and Eagles Bloggers Heading To NFL Draft


I had to link to this because it's such cool news for the network as a whole. Make sure you hit up Mocking The Draft ,Mile High Report and Bleeding Green Nation on draft day for the kind of sober, in-the-know perspective you certainly won't be getting from me.

The Falcoholic Selects LB James Laurinaitis In SBN Mock Draft


Visit Mocking the Draft for more information on why I made the James Laurinaitis pick, but rest assured I think he's a pretty talented kid.

Falcons Receive No Compensatory Draft Picks


A tip of the newsy fedora to J. Mike over at the Official Site, who tells us the team will get no picks of a compensatory nature. We'll just have to make do with the ones we've got.

The Falcoholic Selects Clint Sintim In Another Mock Draft


This time it's the No Logo Needed mock draft, where I once again went LB Clint Sintim at spot 24. Browse the site, see who was taken off the board beforehand and lemme know what you think. I still firmly believe that if the top tier guys are off the board at this point, Sintim would make an awesome pick. He'd go a long ways toward solving our issues with the pass rush.

Prospect Scouting Reports From Mocking The Draft


You could kill a couple hours on this pretty easily. Our good friends over at Mocking the Draft have put together numerous profiles on prospects both well-known and perhaps not as well-known. Check it out.

List Of Prospects The Falcons Have Worked Out


Enormous tip of the hat to The Bird's Nest Blog for this information. Looking through the list, it's easy to get the idea that the Falcons are chasing safeties, linebackers and tight ends, isn't it?

Dave The Falconer Participates In No Logo Needed Mock Draft


It's early yet, but the fine folks at No Logo Needed are moving the process along pretty quickly. Get your suggestions in for who the Falcons should draft at 24, and I'll follow them to the letter. Unless you say a quarterback, that is.

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