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All things NFL Draft.

Falcons select Malliciah Goodman


The Falcons finally addressed defensive end with their first pick in Round 4

Falcons first pick according to Twitter


It looks like we have a better understanding of who will be drafted first by the Falcons tonight.

Falcons compensatory pick history


Atlanta found a few gems with its compensatory picks over the past decade. Which selections have stood out in that span?

Falcons mock draft roundup


Who do NFL analysts project the Falcons picking in April at this point?

Falcons get 4 compensatory picks


The Falcons will pick in the fourth once and the seventh three times thanks to compensatory NFL Draft picks.

Three-round Thursday mock


Mock drafts are running rampant throughout the internet these days. You can't search for anything related to the Atlanta Falcons without seeing some type of draft prediction pop up. So, it's time...

Taking A Look At The Other Draft Classes Of The NFC South


Grading teams on their selections just days after the draft is pointless, frowned upon and potentially a waste of time. So today we're going to do just that. SBN has a video that you should watch...

The Atlanta Falcons 2012 Draft In Retrospect Plus Grades


The Falcoholic's Dave Choate wraps up the 2012 NFL Draft. Grades and analysis abound.

Best Tight Ends Still Out There


From our threads throughout the weekend, I know the majority of you are disappointed the Falcons didn't pick up any tight ends in this year's draft. There were a couple guys who would have made...

The Atlanta Falcons 2012 NFL Draft Day Three Wrap


The Atlanta Falcons chose four players on the third day of the 2012 NFL Draft. The Falcoholic quickly runs them down.


Falcons Waste No Time Picking Up Undrafted Free Agents


The Atlanta Falcons have been tentatively linked to several undrafted free agents. The Falcoholic compiles the list.

Falcons Select Safety Charles Mitchell In Sixth Round


The Atlanta Falcons use their sixth-round pick on safety Charles Mitchell. The Falcoholic is fine with the pick.

The Falcoholic 2012 NFL Draft Open Thread, Day Three


That was a hell of a second day, wasn't it? A healthy blend of happiness, anger and surprise. We're entering the fourth round, but the Falcons don't have a pick again until the fifth. In the...

A Look At The Falcons Second And Third Round Picks


The Atlanta Falcons picked two offensive linemen in the early going for the 2012 NFL Draft. The Falcoholic's Dave Choate breaks them down.

2012 NFL Draft Third Round Open Thread


Peter Konz is the first pick. Read James' take on him below this post. We're now in the third round. Who do you think the Falcons will pick?

The 2012 NFL Draft Second Day Open Thread


The second day of the NFL Draft has begun. The Falcoholic tries to pick a short list of Atlanta Falcons draft targets.

A Look At The First Round For The NFC South


The Falcoholic takes a closer look at the three draft picks made by NFC South teams on the first day of the 2012 NFL Draft. Mixed results abound.

What We Learned From The First Round Of The NFL Draft


The Falcoholic talks storylines for the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. There's plenty to discuss.

2012 NFL Draft First Day Overflow Thread


We're filling up fast, so let's move in to the lifeboats.

The Falcoholic 2012 NFL Draft Open Thread


The 2012 NFL Draft has begun. The Falcoholic live blogs all the action.

Atlanta Falcons Mock Draft 2012, Guaranteed 37 Percent Correct


It's draft day, family. Time to get real serious. Acquire alcohol and cheesed goods, and let's get ready for war. The Atlanta Falcons don't have a pick in the first round, so we'll be really,...

The Official 2012 Falcoholic Mock Draft


Four of The Falcoholic's writers deliver full mock drafts for the Atlanta Falcons. Readers vote on the best.

Falcons Fan Poll: What Position In The Sixth Round?


Atlanta Falcons fans continue to select the positions they want to see the team draft in 2012. Today, it's the sixth round.

Why I Love The NFL Draft


The Falcoholic's Dave Choate explains why he loves the NFL Draft.

Falcons Fan Poll: What Position In The Fifth Round?


After our second round of polling, the Falcons are selecting an offensive lineman in the second and a tight end in the third. We now skip to the fifth round, where the team has its next draft pick. ...

Falcons Fan Poll: What Position In The Third Round?


The results from our second round poll are in, and they point overwhelmingly toward the offensive line. Out of 379 votes at the time I'm writing this, a full 180 (47%) went for the line. So...

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