Falcons Ink Daren Stone


...Over a week ago. Still, it's newsworthy.Stone was a sixth-round pick most famous for jumping over cars and playing for UMaine, a college that doesn't traditionally produce a high volume of...

Georgia Force Versus Atlanta Falcons Equals One Dumb Article


I should start this angry rant by saying that I do have a sense of humor. I understand that some articles are meant to be funny or sarcastic, and every now and then my stony heart cracks enough for...

Is Vick Really A Falcon For Life?


Tim Tucker had a very interesting article back on Monday that detailed what exactly would happen if the Falcons booted  Vick to the curb. The basic assumption for pretty much everyone who writes or...

DeAngelo Hall Just Generally Unconcerned


Via Yahoo! Sports comes this report that DeAngelo Hall intends to play out the rest of his rookie contract.  From a business perspective, this doesn't make a lot of sense unless Hall has no...

Stormy Skies: The #2 Cornerback Battle


Welcome to another edition of Stormy Skies, where I try to figure out where in the great blue depth chart players are going to be slotted. This edition will deal with the competition for the second...

Arthur Blank: The #19 Owner In The NFL?


I'm a few days late to the party on SI's new Michael Silver piece, but I felt I had to say something about Arthur Blank's #19 rating in the article. As I raced down the list and kept not seeing his...

Vick Not Named In Dogfighting Documents


Kudos to my man Hamburger for the heads up on this story. ESPN is reporting that Vick is not named in documents about the alledged dogfighting ring around the house he owns. The world of law f...

Mark Bradley Sees Sunshine Through His Falcon-Shaped Window


Ah, July. There's bright green leaves on the trees, bright sun and sparkling water, and the AJC's Mark Bradley is full of summery optimism. He's got seven reasons why the Falcons won't be as bad as...

Falcons Ink Noriaki Kinoshita


In what definitely ranks as the coolest news of the week, the Falcons have signed NFL Europa wide receiver Noriaki Kinoshita. It's rare to see a Japanese player in the NFL, and when he's a wide...

Big Roles For Falcons Rookies?


The Falcons now have a big wad of nothing until training camp, but Pet Rhino is encouraged by the rookie performances at the OTAs. As someone who firmly believes that rookies like Blalock and...

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