The New And Improved Falcoholic Is On Its Way


Trust me: In this case, change is good. After years squirreled away in a laboratory, developers and nuclear physicists at SB Nation have developed SB Nation United. It's not just a new coat of...

Nike Empire Takes Over NFL Unis on Sunday


Falcoholic writer Adam Schultz shares some news regarding Nike's impending NFL Uniform reveal as well as some thoughts on what changes can be expected for Falcons fans.

2011 Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Falcons Ornaments On Sale


The Falcons' Children's Healthcare of Atlanta ornament donation promotion is back!

Sara Says: Previewing Atlanta vs. Detroit


Hey Falcoholic Faithful - Dave is out this week so I'm going to take a swing at uploading all by myself (go me!). Below is my preview of Falcons vs. Lions. If we can contain Stafford and Megatron...

The Falcoholic Fantasy League Lineup Is Set


The Falcoholic

SB Nation Atlanta: Live


The Falcoholic embraces city-wide sports synergy.

The's Official Podcast


  Twitter: @FalcoholicPCFacebook: HereEmail: FalcoholicPodcast AT gmail DOT com We're looking for fan/reader guests, so if you want your voice to be (literally) heard, send us an email! We've...

A Very Falcoholic Good Bye to J. Michael Moore


Falcoholic staff writer Adam Schultz asks exiting-managing editor of Atlanta, J. Michael Moore, some questions.

Presenting the Falcon Nation Charity Organization


Remember when all those kooky Falcons fans decided to help pay Mike Smith's fine for the "sideline brawl" that occurred during the Redskins Dome game? Well, the effort raised a hefty $3503.63 and...

What If Sports and The Falcoholic Join Forces


Ever sat there in your licensed Falcons easy chair, wearing your throwback Jamal Anderson jersey, pondering just how well the 1998 Falcons could do against an opponent on this year's schedule? Have...


Vote In The Fan's Choice Hall Of Fame Poll!


Okay, so technically these results are not going to get anyone elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Nonetheless, how awesome would it be if we pushed a couple of former Atlanta Falcons up to...

Pre-Season Open Thread: Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars


This is it, guys. After wading through the myriad trades, signings and Grady Jackson sightings, the games are actually here. I don't care if they don't count, they matter to me! Let's kick this...

Falcoholic Fantasy Football, Anyone?


I just wanted to give you all a heads up about something new at SB Nation that I'm sure some of you are going to be interested in. This year, we're going to have a Falcoholic fantasy football...

Jimmy Williams Trying Hard To Lose His Job And Other Stuff


Sometimes you get the feeling a player just isn't interested in taking one for the team. This player might, I dunno, allegedly smoke him some weed, not show up for a mini-camp, then show up 15...

Join The Falcoholic Or Be Assimilated


Figured this was as good a time as any to remind new folks to sign up and for my loyal old-school commenters to re-up their accounts, as well. With this new epoch in both Atlanta Falcons and The...

Welcome To The Future Of The Falcoholic


Whoa, this is awesome! Big ups to the SBN tech team for putting this all together. I highly suggest you all read the post below to figure out how to claim your accounts, check out the new bells...

Stating The Obvious


As you've likely noted, I've been scarce around here recently. Lest my loyal readers think I've quit on our beloved yet bedraggled squad, I'd like to take a very brief post to explain.For you see,...

By Thor's Hammer, The First Preseason Open Thread: Falcons At Jets


What can I say? We've needed a game for a while now, and even if it's a game where half the players are too useless to pick up a football and run in the right direction, it's still a football game....

Kinoshita Learns The Learning Curve


If you're like me, you were sitting at your computer at 12:30 in the morning wondering just how Noriaki Kinoshita was doing. Thankfully, Kaz Nagatsuka of The Japan Times tells us how he's doing....

Roddy White, Frustratingly, Learning To Catch Just Now


Here's Craig Custance from camp, spreading lies: "I think Roddy White has had a really good camp so far," Petrino said. "He's thinner, he's faster and he's showing us he can catch the ball well." L...

SBNSR Tonight: Featuring Me, Dave the Falconer!


We promise less dogfighting and more PitCOCK fighting tonight on the SB Nation Sports Report, the official podcast of SB Nation!Who is on tonight? Dave The Falconer of The Falcoholic has been...

O-Line Attempts To Pick Up New Blocking Scheme


Going from being denied that extra steak to being bulky and straight-up blocking can be a difficult adjustment. Gaining enough weight to hang with the big boys is difficult enough; my days as QB...

Vick Sued By Less Than Stable Human Being


Yes, Vick was on the radio today. He's so embattled at this point that he had nothing to lose, and to his credit he did sound contrite. As we know, though, contrite doesn't do you much good when...

Why Chris Redman Ain't #2 And Other Adventures


As a fan, I play favorites. I can't lie to you. My personal preference is to see D.J. Shockley succeed over Joey Harrington and Chris Redman. I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I don't...

The Atlanta Falcons Are No Longer Vick's Team


Interesting article at the AJC from Terence Moore, who I almost never agree with. I don't here, either, but I think his reasoning is quite sound. Moore's assertion is basically that Vick is the...

Fred Gibson Released, So Who's Next?


Considering he seemed like a favorite to make the roster at one point, I'm a little surprised that Fred Gibson was released. As my friend T. Love over at Falcon Reporter notes, that leaves Jamin...

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