Football Outsiders deems Curtis Lofton one of the five biggest Pro Bowl snubs

The actual article is behind ESPN's "Insider" subscription wall, but the link lists 5 players who they say shouldn't have been on the original Pro Bowl rosters, and 5 players who have still been snubbed, even after all the "injury" replacements.

Roddy White Added to Pro Bowl Roster

Congratulations to Roddy White, who has been added to the NFC Pro Bowl roster. White took the place of Vikings WR Sidney Rice, as Rice will be playing in the Superbowl. has withdrawn. White had another great year, passing the 1000 yard mark for the third consecutive season and hauling in 11 touchdown passes.

AJC Pictures from the 2009 Season

My brother sent me this collection of pictures from the 09 Season. It has a few too many preseason pictures, but Grimes' interception of Drew Brees is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Falcons Hire Tim Lewis as Secondary Coach

Coming to us from Seattle where he was a DB coach. Has spent time as a defensive coordinator with Pittsburgh and New York, as recently as 2006.

Does a Pro Bowl Berth Mean Anything?

With players turning down Pro Bowl spots because of "injuries", Vince Young will be on the AFC roster. Worse still, if the Colts make the Super Bowl, we could see Kyle Orton or David Garrard as their #3 QB. Take a look at the current roster again. Sometimes the injury replacements seem to rectify some of the snubs (Clay Matthews, Brandon Meriweather); sometimes they are just confusing and sad (AFC QB's, NFC CB's).

J. Michael Moore Interviews Dave the Falconer

J. Michael Moore, the managing editor and blogger-in-chief over at the official Atlanta Falcons site, sat down earlier with The Falcoholic and asked a few Falcon-related questions as both our sites gear up for the off-season. If you'd like to hear some great questions from J. Mike and haven't yet heard Dave the Falconer stumble over answers like a gimpy hurdler, check this out!

AJC's Mark Bradley Rates Thomas Dimitroff Highly

The Comrade gets his due once again, with Bradley rating him a "big fat A" despite mixed results from last year's draft class. I believe that's more than fair.

Mock Draft Tracker at

The Official Site has launched their annual "Mock Draft Tracker" where they post the predictions of various mock draft sites. It's interesting to watch as the draft approaches. Right now, the most common prediction for the Falcons is Michigan CB Donovan Warren. I love the draft!

Michael Koenen 9th Worst Punter in 2009

Football Outsiders rank the Top 10 and Bottom 10 Punters in 2009. This is after filtering out the value of the punt coverage teams, and adjusting for weather and altitude (explained in the link). Even though he was great on Kickoffs, Koenen was the 9th worst in individual Punt Value this past season. In addition to that, the Falcons had the 2nd worst Punt Coverage Value of the 20 teams listed. They finished the year tied with Denver for 2nd worst overall Punt Unit (behind Green Bay). Quite a change from last year's record breaking Punt Coverage team.

Gaines Adams Dead at 26 have got to be kidding me. Pray for his family. Gaines was another young talent whose life was taken much too soon. Unbelievable.


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