Brian Williams Expected To Be Ready For Training Camp


The most polarizing cornerback on the roster may not be 100% by then, but he will bring his veteran experience to bear. I still don't believe he's going to sniff a starting job.

Pat Yasinskas's Early Impressions of the Falcons


Some nice first impressions made on Pat by our Falcons, not the least of which included steal-of-the-draft Domonique Franks and Finn 2.0, Kerry Meier. He also said Turner came into camp slimmer than before. Take a look.

Weatherspoon's new nickname: "Baby Lion"


Weatherspoon's new nickname: "Baby Lion"

J. Michael Moore's Twitter account. Not digging it. Spoonman will do for me.

William Moore Suffers Minor Injury


While it sounds minor, one can't help but sigh. Apparently, William Moore, just cleared to participate in mini camps last week, has injured a pectoral muscle while lifting weights. As a precautionary measure, he will be held out of the remainder of the mini camps. In addition, Jonathan Babineaux suffered what was called a minor shoulder injury and will also miss the mini camp practices.

Private showing: Ryan's road to QB stardom paved with tape -


Breaking down a half's worth of film with Ice. ... "I was itching to get back as soon as they played the Super Bowl," Ryan said. "I'm like 'God, I have to get there. I have to play in this game.' You want to get back to work after that." The first play was ready to roll. The name on the screen: 12 personnel, zero traffic, short, 335 naked right arrow. "We have two tight ends, one back and they're in cover-2, regular cover-2," Ryan said. "I run naked on the first play, looking to hit a bench route. He looks open, but what you read on [Tampa Bay corner] Aqib Talib is that we know if his hips are to the sideline he's so long he can play both of these." ... And so forth. Essential reading, folks.

Falcons have NFL's 8th oldest offensive line -- for now


Bye Dawk from Bleeding Green Nation has crunched the numbers like they were cinnamon toast and ranked all 32 NFL teams in order of offensive line decrepitness. (BD's favorite finding, of course, was that Philly's rival Cowboys have the most ancient line.) As currently constituted -- Todd McClure, Harvey Dahl, Tyson Clabo, Sam Baker, and Justin Blalock -- Atlanta has the 8th oldest offensive line. This is yet another reason why it's so tremendous that we drafted two versatile OL this year and one last year. If we replace McClure and Blalock with Joe Hawley and Mike Johnson -- the former will likely happen next year, and the latter could happen at some point this or next year, but let's just say we do it right now -- Atlanta's offensive line is suddenly the third youngest in the league. And all this is assuming Garrett Reynolds doesn't challenge Tyson Clabo, which could certainly happen. This isn't some sort of "Never trust anyone over 30 (to block for Matt Ryan)" young > old thing, as there's a lot more to a good line than lack of age (duh), but rather another look at how teams like the Falcons have done a good job of investing in the future, arguably better than teams like the Cowboys have. In their past 28 picks, Dallas has picked as many kickers as it has offensive linemen. They have a ton of explosive offensive weapons, but will that count for much if their earthmover of an offensive line suddenly turns into a '72 Skylark on blocks in the side yard with a grindy transmission and a window that won't roll up anymore? Isn't that the question we all want answered in life?

Saints Have Legal Issues


Our bitter rivals have some legal issues to deal with. Their former head of security is suing them, claiming they forced him to resign because he refused to help them cover up the fact that two senior staff members were stealing Vicodin from the medicine chest. There's a report on (a site which is more gossip than news) that head coach Sean Payton is one of the "senior staff members" who stole Vicodin. This should be interesting to watch play out.

Falcons announce signing of 15 undrafted free agents


"The Atlanta Falcons today signed 15 college free agents including, tight end Leroy Banks (Southern Mississippi), wide receiver Tim Buckley (Alcorn State), safety Rafael Bush (South Carolina State), cornerback Dominique Daniels (Nicholls State), safety Gabe Derricks (San Diego), long snapper Justin Drescher (Colorado), wide receiver Brandyn Harvey (Villanova), linebacker Weston Johnson (Wyoming), kicker Garrett Lindholm (Tarleton State), running back Dimitri Nance (Arizona State), tight end Michael Palmer (Clemson), tight end Colin Peek (Alabama), defensive end Emmanuel Stephens (Mississippi), wide receiver Ryan Wolfe (UNLV) and linebacker Bear Woods (Troy)." I think we're all currently trying to wrap our minds around how many Bear Woods jerseys we're planning to buy tomorrow morning. Impressive from his unbelievable name to his redlocks to his satan beard to his facepaint to his name is Bear Woods. We'd call him Captain Jack Sparrow, but his name is BEAR WOODS. If he somehow doesn't make the team, Mike Smith's new nickname is Mike "Bear Woods" Smith. Click for briefs on our UFA crop, and I'm sure we'll turn up more detailed scouting reports soon on Bear Woods. And maybe non-Bear Woods players too but probably not.

Falcons Minicamp Open to Public on May 8th


It's that time of year again. Grab your fave Falcons gear and head on up to Flowery Branch. Details at the link above.

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