Falcons Talk

What Does the Giants Game Mean TO YOU?


Fact: December 14th is National Bouillabaisse Day

The Last Time The Falcons Were 3-0? 2004


The Atlanta Falcons last started 3-0 in 2004. A look back at that year.


Atlanta Falcons-San Diego Chargers Open Thread

The Atlanta Falcons have winged their way cross country to shut down the Chargers. That's the hope, anyways. Now that it's gametime at last, it's time to camp out on your piece of furniture of...

One Falcon To Watch: Julio Jones


Watch out for Julio Jones. The Falcoholic believes he's primed for a big game against the San Diego Chargers.

Four Crucial Matchups In The Falcons-Chargers Game


The Atlanta Falcons take on the San Diego Chargers Sunday afternoon in California. The Falcoholic breaks down four key matchups in the game ahead.

Three Areas The Falcons Can Exploit Against The Chargers


The Chargers may be 2-0 this year, but they've gone through two opponents who didn't stand much of a chance considering their current state. Mike Smith's squad poses a tougher challenge for San...

Why You Have To Sack Philip Rivers


The trick to stopping Philip Rivers? There isn't one. You just have to hit him, writes The Falcoholic.

A Charger For The Falcons To Beware: Robert Meachem


The Atlanta Falcons play the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. The team should watch out for wide receiver Robert Meachem.

Who Will Be The Biggest Threat From The Chargers?


Who from the San Diego Chargers worries Atlanta Falcons fans? The Falcoholic finds out.

Get Your Falcons-Broncos Predictions In Now


The game is only a third of a day away. That means it's time for prognostication. Give me two predictions (stat lines, memorable plays, etc.) and a final score for the game in the comments. We'll...


One Falcon To Watch: William Moore


The Atlanta Falcons will take on the Denver Broncos tonight in the Georgia Dome. Look for Falcons safety William Moore to be key to the Falcons' efforts.

Matt Ryan Versus Peyton Manning


Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning will square off for the first time in their NFL careers. It should be the key to the Falcons-Broncos game.

Falcons Banged Up Heading Into Broncos Game


The Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos play on Monday night. The Falcons have a few outstanding injury issues going into the game.

Falcons vs. Broncos: Four Critical Matchups


The Atlanta Falcons tackle the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football. The Falcoholic runs down four matchups that matter.

Falcons Fans, Don't Fear Peyton Manning


The Atlanta Falcons must face Peyton Manning this Monday night, but The Falcoholic tells Falcons fans not to worry. Too much.

5 Reasons To Celebrate Week One For The Falcons


We've had a little time to digest what happened in Week One against the Chiefs, and now it's time to go back and celebrate. Coors Light told me to! Without further ado, let's talk the five things...

Intro To The Weekly Falcons Putrid Punditry Watch


The Atlanta Falcons are often picked to lose or otherwise ridiculed by pundits who don't know any better. The Falcoholic wants to keep tabs on them.

Chris Owens Is In The Spotlight


The Atlanta Falcons suffered a major blow when cornerback Brent Grimes was lost for the season. Cornerback Chris Owens will have to step up and take over.

The Post-Game Monday Falcons Chatter Thread


Hey, it's post-Week 1, there's a ton to talk about, you've got stuff on your mind...why not share it with your fellow Falcoholics? This is just a general purpose open thread to talk about the game,...

What To Watch In The Falcons-Chiefs Game


When the Atlanta Falcons tackle the Kansas City Chiefs today, coaching may make all the difference. The Falcoholic explains what it will be watching for in the game.

Four Critical Matchups In The Falcons-Chiefs Game


The Atlanta Falcons play the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday in Week 1 NFL action. The Falcoholic breaks down the four most critical matchups in the game ahead.

A Bird's Eye View Of New Falcons: Dominique Davis


The Atlanta Falcons found a gem in rookie quarterback Dominique Davis. The Falcoholic expects him to be Matt Ryan's long-term backup.

A Bird's-Eye View Of New Falcons: Phillipkeith Manley


The Atlanta Falcons kept undrafted offensive lineman Phillipkeith Manley around. The Falcoholic looks at why.

Why The Falcons Were Probably Smart To Draft Lamar Holmes


The Atlanta Falcons drafted Lamar Holmes, and it was considered a reach. The Falcoholic makes a powerful argument for drafting left tackles based on potential in the second day of the draft.

The Falcons Should Add A Tight End


The Atlanta Falcons should be in the market for one more tight end to bolster their already strong offense, The Falcoholic suggests.

Happy Labor Day, Falcoholics!


It's that time of year when we reward ourselves for working really hard by taking a day off on what is for many an ironically named holiday. Hooray! I hope you have the chance to kick back for a...

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