Falcons-Chargers Fourth Quarter Open Thread


The home stretch approaches. The discussion? It goes on. GO FALCONS!

Falcons-Chargers Third Quarter Open Thread


You know the drill, people. Everybody into the discussion boats! via GO FALCONS!

Falcons-Chargers Second Quarter Open Thread


Don't stop discussing. Ever. GO FALCONS!

NFL Week 3 Early Games Open Thread


Our beloved Falcons aren't playing for another three hours, so we've got to entertain ourselves somehow. Talk the early games.

Thursday Night Football Open Thread


It's never too late to talk Thursday football!

Falcons-Broncos Fourth Quarter Open Thread


Falcons up 27-7. Continue! We're in the home stretch.

Falcons-Broncos Third Quarter Open Thread


After an awesome first quarter, some train wreck officiating and a few twists and turns, we've gotten here. Nice. Let's keep talking, and remember this. via


Atlanta Falcons-Denver Broncos Open Thread

Falcons. Broncos. It's Monday Night Football!

NFL Week 2 Sunday Open Thread


Talk out football, everyone! Apologies for the delay.

Thursday Night Football Open Thread


Green Bay. Chicago. Two teams the Falcons would rather not face in the playoffs, thank you very much. One game! Let's talk about tonight's game.


Falcons Crush Chiefs In Opener: A Postgame Thread


The Atlanta Falcons triumphed over the Kansas City Chiefs, 40-23, in Week One of NFL action.

Falcons-Chiefs Fourth Quarter Open Thread


And the game comes to a one more quarter. Discuss, and GO FALCONS!

Falcons-Chiefs Third Quarter Open Thread


Second half. Let's go Falcons!

Falcons-Chiefs Second Quarter Open Thread


Let's keep the good times rolling.


Atlanta Falcons-Kansas City Chiefs Open Thread

The Atlanta Falcons take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1 of NFL action. The Falcoholic follows along.

Pre-Season Is Over: A Postgame Thread


The Falcons and Jaguars just finished up a relative snoozefest. Cuts come tomorrow. Discuss the game, what cuts you think are coming and what stood out to you tonight. Full recaps and a lot more...

Falcons-Jaguars Second Half Open Thread


It's a 7-7 game, and not a particularly thrilling one. Thus far, very few Falcons have done a ton to separate themselves from the pack. Such is the last game of the pre-season. Continue your...


Atlanta Falcons-Jacksonville Jaguars Open Thread

The Atlanta Falcons take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in pre-season action.

Atlanta Falcons-Miami Dolphins Second Half Open Thread


Boy, that sure was some football we just watched, wasn't it? Ha! Specifics? I...I just don't feel like it. It's not that this is a pre-scheduled post. Honest! Keep the discussion rolling.


Atlanta Falcons-Miami Dolphins Pre-Season Open Thread

It's time for the Atlanta Falcons to crush the Dolphins. Whether it's a W or an L doesn't matter that much to me, so much as watching the first team annihilate Miami's starters matters to me. As...

The Falcoholic Fantasy Football League Is Coming


The Falcoholic kicks off its annual Yahoo! fantasy football league.

Super Bowl XLVI Open Thread


The New England Patriots. The New York Giants. A rematch of 2007 and stuff! The Super Bowl doesn't feature any teams I hold a particular regard for, so I'll be watching this purely as a fan of...

Pro Bowl Open Thread


It's the least important game of the year! Get excited! The Atlanta Falcons are barely represented here, but oh well. It's the second-to-last NFL game you're going to get this year, so it might as...

NFL Senior Bowl Weigh-In Discussion


Yes, it's that magical time of year where scouts practically salivate over how heavy NFL prospects are and how long their arms are. No, there's nothing weird about that at all. Use this thread to...

49ers-Giants NFC Championship Open Thread


Basically, this is the NFC version of the game you just watched. One team that's mostly offense versus a team that's mostly defense. Still, I think you could make the reasonable argument that these...

Patriots-Ravens AFC Championship Open Thread


The Baltimore Ravens love grinding it out. If they had their way, every single play would be a rush by Ray Rice. After all, why bother doing anything else when Rice is so good and their defense...

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