Mustache does it again!


Our illustrious, mustached owner does it again. Nobody says no to the mustache.

Julio Jones Has Laceration On Hand: Hasn't Cared Yet


Courtesy of the Falcons twitter feed: Smith: Julio has a laceration on his hand. That's all. He was able to get back out yesterday. This is excellent news, considering what the possibilities...

Falcons' Defenders Prefer Nolan over Van Gorder


In what personally comes across as not a surprise whatsoever, in fact if you were to walk up to me, say "Surprise" in your best Ben Stein voice, it would be more of a surprise than this, the F...

Monday's Game More Than Just A Game, It's A Passing Of The Torch


Breaking news, the podcast I briefly mentioned will debut next week. I just was not feeling up to it this weekend. It will happen next week. Promise. (Also, if you get a chance, watch highlights...

Anatomy of a Play: Tony Gonzalez Scores Against Former Team


This is the first edition of the Anatomy of a Play series for the Falcons' 2012 season, where I break down the details of Matt Ryan's touchdown pass to Tony Gonzalez against the Chiefs.

Players in Bounty Scandal Reinstated: The Truth No Longer Exists


The players suspended as a part of the bounty scandal have all been reinstated after an appeal. What was once thought to be finished has now taken an even uglier turn. Is the NFL headed for the...

Falcons' Breakout Player vs. Chiefs: Harry Douglas


Everybody knows about Roddy White. Everybody knows about Julio Jones. Everybody also knows about Tony Gonzalez. But behind those three men is someone whose career numbers won't scare you. His major...

Falcons Could Win 11 Games And Miss Playoffs


The NFC is a loaded conference, and it is possible that the Falcons could win 11 games and miss the postseason. If the Falcons fail to make the playoffs despite an 11-5 record, would it be a failed...

Keeping Our Expectations In Check


Some of the NFL experts around the media are predicting the Falcons to finish 9-7 and behind both the Panthers and the Saints. At first, that didn't seem possible, but new coordinators and no...

Toone Time: Former Mr. Irrelevant No Longer Unknown To Falcons Fans


Raise your hand if you thought the Falcons would sign Tim Toone to a contract between now and last year. Me either. (Jay Adams has a nice article on Toone here) That didn't stop Toone from going...

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