Book Review - Rising Tide

A Falcoholic writer reviews a book that's NOT just about Alabama football!

Hope Springs Eternal

Recent FA moves and a general positive outlook are turning dour Falcons fans into believers once more.

Finding the Falcoholic Within

A season away from writing can bring a new perspective for the distracted blogger. Adam Schultz of the Falcoholic found this out the hard way two weeks ago.

Read Option Won't Faze the Falcons in 2013

Fact: nobody has actually seen Dave since the 49ers loss - we think he's in rehab

Will Tony Gonzalez Retire?

Fact: Tony Gonzalez has weapons-grade plutonium coursing through his veins

Falcons Can Clinch 1st Round Bye This Weekend

Fact: Drew Brees cries like a beaver hormone-injecting girl scout

Falcons Getting Four Days Off

Fact: third downs are stupid

Robert McClain is Pretty Awesome

Fact: "Reggie" is the coolest nickname since "Hank"

Atlanta Airport Workers Egg Saints Charter Bus

Fact: the egg came before the chicken

Curtis Lofton is Wack

Fact: Crack is wack - and so is Curtis Lofton


Ryan Still in the MVP Hunt

Fact: According to the AirTran flight attendant I met Saturday, Matt Ryan is a very courteous young man.

Mike Smith Stays Humble

Fact: Smitty once ate an entire cheese wheel

Is Doug Martin All That and a Piece of Cheese?

Fact: a healthy Sean Weatherspoon would be awesome right about meow

Falcons Notch 5th Consecutive Winning Season

Fact: Matt Ryan is still a P-I-M-P

Will Julio Jones Play On Sunday?

Fact: I like turtles

The Saints Are Whiny Poo Heads

Fact: Curtis Lofton has a teddy bear named Chuckles. And he hearts it.

Falcons Release Ray Edwards

Fact: Shrimp dinners are delicious and stuff.

Todd McClure is a Jambalya Cooker and Stuff

Fact: Todd McClure eats shrimp, because shrimp is delicious.

Somebody Pay William Moore

Fact: Willy Mo wasn't ready once. It resulted in a dramatic shift in the earth's gravitation.

Should We Be Worried About Sam Baker?

Fact: Sam Baker once killed an ant. Then he cried for sixteen hours.

Kroy Biermann = Most Versatile Player on Roster

Fact: Kroy Biermann once killed an elk with his feet.

Don't Tell Matt Ryan We're 7-0

Fact: Matt Ryan doesn't drink skim milk. It's for sissies.

Don't Count Out Sean Weatherspoon Yet

Fact: Spoon.

What if the Falcons Don't Win the Turnover Battle?

Fact: Michael Vick is a cotton-headed ninny muggins.

Nobody Cares About Vick

Fact: Michael Vick smells like cheese.

The Eagles' New-Look Defense

Fact: Falcons eat eagle eggs for breakfast - preferably with a nice hollandaise sauce.

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