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A Saturday Discussion: Replacing Just One Falcon


I've got what I think is an interesting question for you this evening. Hopefully you'll agree. If you could seize control of the team tomorrow in a bloodless coup and immediately kick one person to...

Senior Bowl Open Thread


Per reader Ball Hawk's suggestion, here's an open thread for all things Senior Bowl. Use it to discuss the game and players you think the Falcons ought to be eyeing. Go!

Senior Bowl Draft Prospects to Keep an Eye On


Even if you hate college football, the Senior Bowl is a must-glance-at, especially since Comrade loves him some seniors. Here's a chart of some potential early, mid, and late Falcons draft picks at six positions I think we can all agree are either needs or wants. The game's on NFL Network today at 4 ET.

Saturday Six Pack: Pro Bowl Weekend Edition 1/29/11


Good morning, Falcoholics. This weekend, several of our Falcons greats will suit up to represent the team in a halfhearted game against the AFC's best. The game could be made better by having a...

A Potential Falcons Free Agent: Safety Haruki Nakamura


The Falcoholic likes to pore over the impending free agent class and find diamonds in the rough for the Atlanta Falcons. Today, Dave Choate targets Baltimore Ravens safety Haruki Nakamura.

The Great American Stat Awards: Most Valuable Special Teamer


Favorite pseudo-Madden quote of all time: "Special teams plays like that aren't very special ..." Join me after the jump for something special (promise it's nothing creepy) ... (1) Weems Gunner,...

Year In Review: The 2010 Falcons Defense


The defense had some up and down moments in 2010, but between my predictions and everyone's expectations, did it live up to the hype?

Could The Falcons Part Ways With Jamaal Anderson And Erik Coleman?


The Falcoholic hears that Jaamal Anderson and Erik Coleman could be on the chopping block. Discussion ensues.

Late Night Squawk: Former Starters Going Away Edition


In this series of posts, I blame Dave for not communicating this to me sooner. For all of you fans who visit overnight or are in strange timezones, this is for you, and might be carried over into...

Jim Zorn for Falcons QB Coach!


Yeah! Who's with me! Probably nobody. The former Redskins HC was let go by the Ravens today, where he'd been serving as Wario Matt Ryan's QB coach. We could do worse than considering Zorn, right?

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