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Report: Stephen Nicholas Tendered Before March 3 Deadline


The Falcoholic hears that Atlanta Falcons linebacker Stephen Nicholas was tendered before restricted free agent crashed to the ground. The implications are examined.

Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day


Yakinsas spoke with McKay (the new chairman of the NFL's competition committee) today regarding some potential rule changes for next season, assuming there is a next season and the world doesn't...

An Unpleasant Thought: Could A Lockout Drive Falcons Into Retirement?


While unlikely, a lockout that cancels the entire 2011 NFL season could lead to the retirement of a pair of Atlanta Falcon elder statesmen, Todd McClure and Tony Gonzalez. Dave Choate rages against...

Jay Adams JAWS About The Falcons


Over at the official site, friend of The Falcoholic Jay Adams is starting up his own blog-style musings. Go check 'em out.

Atlanta Falcons Courting Rookie Pass Rusher Justin Houston


The Falcoholic analyzes the Atlanta Falcons' upcoming workout of Georgia linebacker Justin Houston. He's a possible answer for the team's pass rushing woes, Dave Choate writes.

Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day


Mike Clay of Pro Football Focus had this to say today re: the dramatic increase in Roddy White's catch rate between 2009 (56 percent) and 2010 (69 percent): White certainly was helped by seeing...

NFL Owners Write Letters to NFL Fans


The NFL lockout is happening in full force, and most owners have sent out letters to their respective teams. Is it mostly hogwash? Or is there something more to these letters?

Falcons To Work Out Rookie Justin Houston On March 25


I'll have a longer reaction to this tomorrow, but for now know the Falcons plan to put Georgia DE/OLB Justin Houston through a light workout later this month. As a pass rusher, he could be an intriguing fit for the Falcons.

Atlanta Falcons Looking Hard At Wide Receivers In The Draft


The Atlanta Falcons are clearly mulling drafting a wide receiver, with a private workout and pro day review scheduled for Eastern Carolina's Dwayne Harris and Cincinnati's Vidal Hazelton. Color The...

NFLPA Warning Top Rookies Not To Appear At NFL Draft


The Falcoholic delivers another labor update. This time, the former NFLPA is asking rookies not to go to the NFL Draft in April, and frankly Dave Choate is growing tired of the theatrics.

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