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The Falcoholic Reacts To A Possible Canceled NFL Season


The Falcoholic offers a measured response to the idea that the NFL season might be canceled in 2011.

Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day


I like A.J. Green. Heck, I think he will be a good-to-great NFLer in the near future. But the Falcons should not, under any circumstances, trade up to draft him. And as if we didn't already have...

New NFL Kickoff Rules Mean New Roles For Eric Weems, Michael Koenen


Atlanta's kickoff and kick return specialists will need to become less, um, special in order to stand out next season, as touchback rates will increase league-wide after the competition committee elected to move the tee from the 30 to the 35. Might as well just have Biermann do it all, am I right?

Coach Mike Smith: Falcons Offense Must Become More Explosive


The Falcoholic takes a look at an ESPN interview of Atlanta Falcons coach Mike Smith. In interesting remarks, Smith calls for a more explosive offense to guide the Falcons to bigger and better...

Michael Floyd may join the supplemental draft.


I know our F.O. has been notoriously against signing potential problem cases but this guy may be worth the risk. I'm not to educated concerning the supplemental draft but I would venture to say whatever this guy would require it would likely be worth it.

A Potential Falcon Draft Pick: Edmond Gates


The Falcoholic takes a brief look at Abilene Christian wide receiver Edmond Gates. His blend of skills makes him a nice fit for the Atlanta Falcons, Dave Choate writes.

What Would John Abraham Have To Do To Get Into The Hall Of Fame?


The Falcoholic asks readers to weigh in on the fate of John Abraham. Will the Atlanta Falcons defensive end someday be a Hall of Famer?

Panthers Testing Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Mallett On Playbook


While the idea of Newton and Mallett taking pencil to paper to transmit knowledge is the most blessed notion I've read all day, it's equally delightful to note Carolina might actually be going through with this asinine quarterback-draftin' thing they've cooked up. How can we go about encouraging them to do this?

Matt Ryan Sort Of Technically Has Shot At Madden 12 Cover


ESPN is running a bracket for the Madden 12 cover, letting fans vote for who will take the honors. Ice is a No. 2 seed, but Aaron Rodgers is the hands-down steel pipe crate and barrel locksmith's lock of a lock to win it. Thus, recommending we all try to vote Jake Long in.

Falcons TWESOTE of the Day


Yakinskas extracted this interesting quote from Smitty today: "You can get paralysis from analysis,’’ Smith said. "We analyzed a lot in those two weeks of our preparation. Even though our players...

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