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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day

The lockout sucks. No denying that. Hopefully the owners and NFLPA work something out soon. Many think the prospect of lost revenue will force owner concessions sooner or later. But I wouldn't be...

Of Eric Weems And His Future With The Atlanta Falcons

The Falcoholic has heard plenty of debate about the future of Eric Weems, the Atlanta Falcons' special teams ace. Some believe he should have a role in the offense, something Dave Choate mildly disputes.

An Atlanta Falcons Draft Debate: What Wide Receiver?

The Falcoholic continues to have readers debate where the Atlanta Falcons will select certain positions in the 2011 NFL Draft. Today, it's wide receivers.

Who Really Loses in a Lockout?

Falcoholic writer Adam Schultz takes a look at who really loses in this NFL lockout.

Saturday Night Discussion: Your Life Without Football

So now that football is in flux for the foreseeable future, how will you get your fix, besides coming here for the world-class writing at The Falcoholic? Shameless plug? Yes! Let's talk it out,...

NFLPA Votes To Decertify, Rough Times Ahead

The Falcoholic is weary of labor news, but it must be shared. The NFLPA has dissolved and a protracted legal battle may lie ahead, Dave Choate writes.

Saturday Six Pack: Lockout Extravaganza Edition 3/12/11

Well, here we go. The lockout has essentially begun and here we are with the potential for no football in 2011. Do I expect that to happen? No, someone will eventually cave in and football will be...

Friday Falcons Discussion: Which Tackle To Draft?

The Falcoholic asks readers to pick one offensive tackle prospect the Atlanta Falcons might draft in April. Tough choices abound in a particularly deep class.

On The Clock With Jay Adams And The Falcoholic

Jay Adams of the official Atlanta Falcons site and I recently got together for the first in what promises to be a series of IM-style chats about the NFL Draft and our beloved Falcons. Hope you enjoy it! Feedback is welcome.

Why Arthur Blank Should NOT Buy Everything Shy of the City of Atlanta

Tip of the hat to Jason's article on why Arthur Blank SHOULD buy everything forever in Atlanta. It comes complete with a Bon Jovi reference. In a dream world, having an owner as awesome as Mr....

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