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Read This; Now How Badly Do You Want Charles Johnson?


And some more Falcons: Deion Sanders says his Hall of Fame bust will reflect the time he spent with the Falcons. It will do this via Jheri curl. Your man TurnerTheBurner's 2011 depth chart preview has finished up with the Falcons defense. Madden ratings for Julio Jones and Jacquizz Rodgers. Also, chortle at Mark Ingram's rating, won't you? Your man TurnerTheBurner's series on Falcons free agents is finished, having gone from offensive linemen to kickers. Falcons players reacted to Thursday night's lockout news with a bit more reserve than did their associates around the league. Are we still talking Joe Flacco vs. Matt Ryan? As far as we can tell, this is a daily conversation in Baltimore.

Saturday Six Pack: High School Lockout Drama Edition 7/23/11


Some CBA related links from around the web, as well as a short story of what the lockout has become.

Your Scorching Heat Wave/Atlanta Falcons Open Thread


With a heat wave sapping The Falcoholic's creativity, it's a discussion post about tight ends. Will Michael Palmer have a bigger role in 2011?

Labor Deal Momentum Slowing Just Before The End Zone?


The NFL lockout drags on just a little longer. The Falcoholic is still on an emotional roller coaster.

A 2010 Falcons Retrospective: Edging The 49ers


The Atlanta Falcons beat the San Fransisco 49ers in 2010 by the hair on their chinny chin chins. The Falcoholic takes a fond look back.

The Falcons Will Be The Dominant NFC South Team In 2014-2016


The Falcoholic is more than a little tickled to see one expert predict that the Atlanta Falcons will be the NFC South's best team by 2014.

A Potential Falcons Free Agent: John Kuhn


John Kuhn to the Atlanta Falcons? It's not a sexy signing, but The Falcoholic thinks it could make sense.

AJC: Justin Blalock To Price Himself Out Of Falcons Range


The Atlanta Falcons have a list of free agents they would like to re-sign. The Falcoholic adds his guesses on who will sign to the pot.

Conspiracy Theorist 3: If New CBA is Ratified in Atlanta, NFL Owes Us A Championship


A silly post that shows that it is time for this lockout to be over.

Michael Jenkins Is A Potential Cap Casualty For The Falcons?


The Atlanta Falcons will likely have to cut at least one player to make cap room for free agents and rookies. Could that player be wide receiver Michael Jenkins?

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