Vick Taking A Paid Vacation?


According to the always reliable ESPN, Michael Vick might soon be on paid leave from the Falcons. This makes so much sense that I'm afraid it won't happen. The team gets rid of Vick without the...

The Latest Vick News Roundup: I'm Sick Of It Already


We're going to do this roundup style, because there's a lot of ground I'd like to cover while not overloading you all with five different posts on Vick. Frankly, my patience has already run thin...

Options Moving Forward: What Will The Falcons Do With Vick?


The other cleat is bound to drop in the near future.  Vick will either be punished by the league or he'll get a stay of execution, but either way it's going to be a very nerve wracking week or two...

Falcons Sign Three Draft Picks


Look, over there! Away from Michael Vick! We've signed draft picks! Aren't they shiiiiinnnnyyy?In what can only be called fortuitous timing, the Falcons signed Laurent Robinson, Martrez Milner, and...

Vick To Face Suspension Soon?


That's the word from Yahoo! Sports columnist Jason Cole, who has a couple of those nefarious anonymous sources to back up his claims. In all honesty, I would be surprised if we don't see a...

Vick Indicted


I was out enjoying myself tonight. I really should've known better, given that every time I do that there's some awful news about the Falcons waiting for me when I get back. This news is by far the...

SB Nation Sports For 7/17


Tonight on the SB Nation Sports Report, SB Nation's official podcast, Mike Tanier of Football Outsiders and the Football Prospectus will join us to talk about the upcoming NFL season and the AFC...

Which Falcons Player Will Have The Highest Madden Player Rating?


It's informal betting time here at The Falcoholic. I'm sure most of you are just as thrilled for the new edition of Madden as me, though probably not all of you wait two years in between editions...

Of Rankings And ESPN: Running Back Edition


I debated whether I should post two of these in a row, but since nothing's going on in Falconland on a Sunday afternoon I figured I might as well. As you might imagine, ESPN's ranking are slightly...

Of Rankings And ESPN: Quarterback Edition


If you have Insider, you can look at ESPN's positional rankings, this one about quarterbacking. For those of you who can't read it and are dying to know where the Falcons are, I've got you covered: ...

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