Plea Bargain To Doom Vick?

Obviously Vick wasn't going to strike a plea bargain, because admitting guilt would cost him a lot more than a fine and jail time. As it is, Nike is already scooting away from Vick so fast there's...

For Those Who Dislike Blank, Read This

My batterymate Sean Yuille at Pride of Detroit is furious, and with good reason. I hear from a fair number of Falcons fans who complain that Blank has coddled Vick, that he cares more about money...

Training Camp, Day #1 Synopsis

The AJC and the Official Site are all over the first day of training camp, so let's break it down.1. Mark Bradley strikes again, this time with a report on just how oblivious Bobby Petrino is to...

Mark Bradley, Your Wrong, Its Gonna Bee A Descent Seeson

The title of this post is in reference to a joke at the beginning of Bradley's newest prediction over at the AJC. As an English major, that same stuff used to drive me nuts before I realized most...

Falcons Sign Jamaal Anderson, Dave Cheers

As this ESPN article so aptly notes, the Falcons could use a little dose of good news. I'd consider signing your top draft choice AND your highly regarded second round cornerback AND a promising...

Warrick Dunn Goes To Injuryland

All I can say is that training camp better suck a lot less than everything that's come before it. Warrick Dunn just had surgery for a herniated disc in his back, which is going to ensure that he...

Arthur Blank's Press Conference Wrap

Many of you probably watched or read about Blank's press conference a short time ago; I don't have a transcript handy, so here's the AJC summary of the conference. The owner seemed to have a very...

The Atlanta Falcon Fanbase Has A Bum Rap

Over at Pacman Jonesin', Adam looks at the ten worst fanbases in the NFL. You'll never guess who's on that list: Atlanta Falcons - Falcons fans belong on this list every bit as much as Cards fans...

Vick And Williams In More Trouble: Here I Blog, A Broken Man

Well, the inevitable series of punishments has at last begun. Goodell banished Vick from training camp in what can only be seen  as the first step in eventually suspending him. Between the public...

Stormy Skies: The Suddenly Relevant QB Battle

With legal action looming, Michael Vick is seemingly less and less likely to be the Falcons' starting quarterback this year. Given that our current collection of backups is either not so great or...

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