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The NFL Votes To Extend The Trade Deadline, Finally


As it stands today, the NFL trade deadline falls on Week 6 of the regular season. I don't know about you, but that seems extremely early to draw the line. Apparently the NFL owners agree. At a...

NFL Suspends Four Players For Roles In Bounty Scandal


The NFL suspended four players Wednesday for their roles in what many have called Bountygate, because every scandal now has "gate" tacked on to the end of it.. It's the law. The biggest hit,...

The End Of Kickoffs In The NFL May Be Nigh


Could the NFL put a stake right in the heart of kickoffs down the line? You may think that's a preposterous question, but apparently it's being discussed at the highest levels of the league. New...

Gregg Williams Audio Surfaces, And It's A Doozy


The Falcoholic reacts to audio of Gregg Williams' speech to New Orleans Saints players and its implications for the NFL.

A Reminder That Nike Unveils The New NFL Jerseys Tomorrow


Tomorrow, the NFL will unveil its new uniforms, which come to us courtesy of Nike. This is just a reminder, in case you are someone who has really been looking forward to this moment. I'm very...

Saints Coach Sean Payton Suspended For One Year


The Falcoholic offers its take on the suspension of Saints coach Sean Payton.

Hines Ward Hangs It Up


It was never a realistic option in the first place, but we can formally say adios to Hines Ward. Ward announced his retirement today, which was probably the right call for a once-great receiver...

Peyton Manning Heads To Broncos


I keep the NFL-wide news to a minimum here, but given that this will affect the Falcons in 20102 I thought you might be interested. The Denver Broncos are reportedly going to sign Peyton Manning to...

Rams Sign Kendall Langford


In case anyone missed this news, I wanted to give you all a quick update on Kendall Langford. The Miami Dolphins defensive tackle was at least loosely linked to the Falcons earlier this off-season,...

Mario Williams Signs With Buffalo Bills


Mario Williams is headed to the Buffalo Bills. The Atlanta Falcons must continue to search for a pass rusher.


The Winners And Losers Of The First Day Of NFL Free Agency


After the first day of free agency, there are a few definite winners and losers in the NFL. The Falcoholic runs it down.

The NFL Arrives At A $120.6 Million Cap Number For 2012


The Atlanta Falcons should be happy about the new NFL salary cap. It gives teams hungry for a big free agent signing a little more room.

The NFL Is Scrambling To Increase The Salary Cap


The NFL salary cap may increase. That's good news for the Atlanta Falcons, who could use a few million more dollars.

The NFL's Drought Days Begin Now


The NFL's dead zone begins today. The Falcoholic is here to guide readers through it.

What Will Make Today's Games Worth Watching For Falcons Fans


The playoffs are over for the Atlanta Falcons, in case you were hiding in a fridge and missed the nuclear blast of anger that followed the Giants loss. Obviously, that reduces the collective...

Bearing Down On The Bears: Will Jay Cutler Save Or Doom Chicago?


The Falcoholic takes a closer look at the Chicago Bears in advance of the weekend's game against the Atlanta Falcons. Jay Cutler will be a key player, Dave Choate writes.

The NFL And Atlanta Falcons Bloodletting Open Thread


The Falcoholic opens up the discussion floodgates for NFL roster cuts. Every team in the league must trim down to 80 by the end of the day.

Around the NFC South: Panther Report


So I had mega writer's block and promised Dave a post, and was stumped for a few minutes until it occurred to me that I watched the entirety of the Panthers game last night (because I live in North...

New NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement Formally Ratified


The new NFL collective bargaining agreement has been ratified. The Falcoholic is in a celebratory mood.

Lockout Almost Officially Over: Also, Dave Was Wrong


The lockout is almost officially over, so long as the player vote passes. Football is finally back.

Could Monday Be The Final Day For The NFL Labor Deal?


Will this be The Falcoholic's second-to-last lockout update? Dave Choate fervently hopes so.

Labor Deal Momentum Slowing Just Before The End Zone?


The NFL lockout drags on just a little longer. The Falcoholic is still on an emotional roller coaster.

Will The Lockout Make For Lesser Football?


Will the NFL lockout affect the quality of play in the NFL this upcoming season? The Falcoholic can't help but wonder.

Sources: Two Days Of Labor Talks Left To Go


According to multiple news outlets, an NFL labor accord should be here by next week. The Falcoholic struggles to contain its enthusiasm.

Like All Terrible Things, The Lockout Is Ending Soon


The NFL lockout is almost over, according to multiple reports. The Falcoholic waits with bated breath.

NFL Labor Talks Zero Hour Is July 15


The Falcoholic explains why it would behoove both sides to end the NFL lockout by the time Friday is over.

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