A rant on "toughness", eliteness, and the best QB currently in the league.

Matt Ryan eats nails for breakfast. Without any milk.

I predict that when i say what comes next, you will probably immediately disregard everything else I say, but bear with me:

Matt Ryan is the best QB currently in the game, with potential to be the best all-time.

Toughness. Eliteness. Clutch. A great arm. Accuracy. Team-Carrying. The words that define a great QB.

Get it in your head. He took a ton of hits this year. Find me a single quote where he called out his o-line. No, to him those sacks were his fault. After every game, Matt almost always said, I need to get the ball out faster, not I need more time in the pocket. That’s toughness.

Matt takes what he has and says that he has to play better, not blaming things that won't get better. That’s toughness.

Matt ryan told off the panthers. That’s toughness.

Matt Ryan played 16 games behind one of the worst lines in football, one of worst running games in football, and with injuries to both his top recievers, with absolutely no help from his defense, and despite this, he never complained once, he turned Harry Douglas into a 1000 yard reciever, and blamed every bad play on offense on himself, and said I, Matt Ryan, the only real good player that was on the team, needed to do better.

The only complaint we saw from Matt Ryan is that slide in week 9. For one moment, Matt Ryan said no more. Matt Ryan risked his body by just taking snaps, and the one time he doesn’t risk his body is the thing you focus on. Focus on the above, and you can understand why he did what he did.

Toughness in the nfl today: Tom brady had missed 15 games out of a total of 13 seasons started, one of the major reasons he is called elite. Aaron Rodgers has missed 9 games out of 6 seasons started. Drew Brees has missed 7 games out of 12 seasons started. Peyton Manning has missed 16 games out of 16 seasons. Matt Ryan has missed 3 games out of 6 seasons, the lowest average games missed per season of the above.


I'll say it right now, this isn't a criterion for greatness, this is a descriptor of greatness. I'll prove he is elite by proving he is the best.


$0M3TH1NG H@PP3N$ R0DDY by jj389199

Matt ryan just threw 60 yards from his own end zone with 1 minute left, down by one, against a division rival. IF that is not the definition of clutch, please explain to me how it isn't. A great example of his arm as well. One does not throw 60 yards without a great arm. Matt Ryan has a bullet arm, and I really am not sure how you can say he doesn't. Without his arm, there is no way he could get the ball out as fast as he did in 2013. More examples of his clutchness. Matt Ryan has 4 game winning drives per season started on average, which is more than all the QBs I listed above. Matt Ryan has a great home record, so Matt Ryan wins games when the home field is on the line. Matt Ryan is pretty much the most clutch qb of all of the current quarterbacks in the league.

His arm, as the video shows, is not really criticizable as a weakness. Arm Strength is basically the go-to argument whenever someone wants to say a QB sucks, but while one could have more arm strength than Matt, and it could be better, the benefits one gets from improving your arm strength lessens the stronger the arm, which is a good reason why brandon weeden sucks.


His career percentage as of now is not great, at 63.7%. However, Matt Ryan has shined in accuracy percentage the past two years. A stat that may surprise you: Of starting quarterbacks in the NFL, Matt Ryan was 4th in accuracy percentage last year. In the past two years, Matt ryan had 68% accuracy. Matt Ryan has been extremely accurate the past two years, and even just last year. If he continues throwing with the percentages hes had the past two years for just a few more years, and then retired, he would have the career completion percentage record.

MATT RYAN CARRIES THE TEAM, when its not a 10,000 pound weight.

Matt Ryan made Harry Douglas a 1,000 yard rusher last year. MATT RYAN HAD A GREAT SEASON. He was 4th in completion percentage, He was 4th in passing yards. Matt Ryan was 9th in TDs. All of this with the worst offensive line, running game, and with no receivers to speak of due to injury.

Matt Ryan is the greatest QB in football. You may not believe me now, but after these next few seasons, you will.

Matt Ryan had the 2nd-best season of his career when his team was the worst of his career. The offensive team we are putting out next year is quite honestly, the best squad the falcons have put on the field in Matt Ryan's career. Matt Ryan now has an offensive line, healthy receivers, and (hopefully) a running game. With the four verticals scheme we are now putting out( Which is the offense Matt Ryan was put on this earth to run), I predict the best season of Matt Ryan's career is either this year or the next. Did I forget to mention the fact that we now have probably the best defensive squad of matt ryan's career?

Get ready, falcons fans, because "shocking the world" isn't the only thing Matt Ryan is doing this year. Rise Up!

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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