Who's Your Favorite Falcon On The Roster At Every Position Wise


Myself personally have a favorite player at every position on the roster

I just wanted to share my favorite players with you guys and I'm gonna analyze why they're my favorite. So sit back relax and read this article.

Qb: Matt Ryan , You don't even have to ask me why I like Matty ice. Matt Ryan is my favorite player because he has grown over the years and made himself an elite quaterback. If you go all the way back to 2008 and watch him then you would understand to. What's not to love, He's the head man of the ship. He's took the team to plenty of playoffs and a NFC championship game to top it all off. No doubts about it that he's the future.

Rb: Jacquizz Rodgers , Honeslty I think this should have been his core instead of Steven Jackson. When the falcons part ways with Micheal Turner in 2012 i thought the starting gig was gonna go to Rodgers. In my opinon i think that Rodgers is a better player then Jackson, Why, because he's faster, more fluid , a lot more useful , and healthy then him. The only thing that Jackson has that Jacquizz doesn't have is consistent vision and that can be fixed.

Fb: Don't have one.

RT: Jake Matthews , Young body fresh out of college i'm excited to see what he's about. I know that Jake Matthews is our future lineman because Lamar you know who can't seem to do that. But I like this Jake kid (6'5" 308 lbs.) is big , fast , and physical. If you watch him on film you would fall in love by the way he drives defenders back and how much quickness he has for a big guy. I was glad Atlanta snatched him up in the 1st round with him being a top 5 offensive lineman - he could have easily been gone if Atlanta had passed him up for another top player. But remeber how everyone was anxious about what position the Falcons would address first I honestly thought it was gonna be FS but it was the offense and they got ole Jake Matthews.

RG: Gabe Carimi , New body added to the depth chart and hopefully he can stay 100% for the whole season. I read through sources and they placed the injury prone label on him - But i'm gonna see for myself , I watch this guy on film and he's a pretty good football player.

C: Joe Hawley , Coming off a solid 2013 season I didn't expect him to perform the way he did. I had nothing but confidence in Hawley - he did a decent job blocking for Matt and he did it on a consistent bases. My worries with him is his run blocking , he's a solid pass blocker but it's his run blocking that makes me cough. He needs to improve on keeping the hole open long enough so our Rb's can get more yardage then what they do.

LT: Sam Baker , Baker has shown some potential but he has to get healthy. When healthy he's a force to be working with and that's why I like him. He's a good run and pass blocker he just lacks in being healthy. Us as Atlanta fans really depended on him coming into 2013 but as we all know, our dreams were crushed.

LG: Don't have one.

TE: Don't have one , I liked Tony G but now that he's gone it will never be the same. I believe in Levine but im not gonna give him all that hype because he nevered showed me much.

WR: Roddy White , I mean who wouldn't love Roddy piper, I've been watching him for 10 years now and yet he still plays like it's his first year. Year after year when i watch Roddy i tell myself there's nothing that can slow him down. White is so elite and consistent, he has size , speed , and great catching. Even when Roddy's hurt he still plays at his highest.

OLB: Sean Weatherspoon , I know he has the injury prone label but let's be honest when he's healthy he's a force to be working with. What amazes me about Sean is the way he come off the line of scrimmage, that quickness he has , and that little celebration he does after he makes a big play - gotta love the spoon.

ILB: Paul Worrilow , With him being undrafted and everything i didn't expect him to come in and do the things he did. This kid is a tackling machine, What I hope he improves on is his coverage ability and fighting off of his blocks on screen plays.

DT: Jonathan Babineaux , Again , He's another i've been watching for 10 years. Babs is a vet in our defense and he can really coach the young guys up a little. What I really miss seeing about Babs is him sacking Qb's on a consistent bases - I know he's slowed down because he has some years on him but when he was younger he was a beast at that DT position. After all these years Babs is still playing at a high level.

DE: Stansly Maponga , I like Maponga , I just wish he would see more snaps in our defense. I think he would be a total upgrade over Osi Umenyiora. What I cough about with Stansly is his explosiveness coming off the edge - he should improve on that and he'll make some noise. I was watching Maponga throughout his whole college career and I just knew that he would come in this lead ready to get it.

CB: Robert McClain , This may sound crazy but BobbyMac is actually my favorite corner on the roster. I became a Rob McClain fan back in 2012 when he picked off Peyton Manning in the Georgia Dome. I like his speed , okay tackling ability , decent coverage skills , but what stands out with him to me is the way he jumps - this guy have some hops. Coming into 2014 I think this is gonna be Rob's bounce back year.

FS: Don't have one , I did love Thomas DeCoud but after that 2013 horror movie I knew his time was pretty much up. Thomas personality always made people laugh and his shoe game was off the charts - I don't think nobody wore better kicks then Thomas. What i'm truly gonna miss is sitting up there in the bleachers every Sunday at the g dome watching him during warm ups then he dances everytime a new pre game song comes on.

SS: William Moore , Of course , he's the Missouri hammer - he brings it on every snap.

K: Matt Bryant , All of those winning seasons that we had with Matt Ryan if it wansn't for Matt Bryant kicking some of those big time field goals i don't think we would have the seasons that we always have. I can name plenty of games when Bryant has came through for us - Like that Seattle game in 2012 , he kicked a 50 yarder , Or when Matt Ryan threw those 5 INT's in that Cardinals game and he kicked the game winning field goal to make the score 23-20.

P: Matt Bosher , of course , he's the only punter on the roster. Oh, i can't forget his tackling ability on specail teams - Boy can he hit.

KR: Don't have one.

PR: Don't have one.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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