Matt Ryan's Amazing Facts


via ^^ How Matt Ryans feels when he wakes up in the morning

Fact: Matt Ryan doesn't improve because he is already Perfect. The world just becomes slightly more aware of his greatness.

The pope and all the world leaders meet at the Vatican to dicuss world affairs. It’s not being reported. WHY?! Cause it’s sunday and Matt Ryan is throwing touchdowns on tv in the Georgia dome and looking damn fine doing it!

Matt Ryan takes a walk on a cold winters day; See’s an icicle hanging off a branch. The icicle takes a hair dryer and melts itself. Matt Ryan looks at the puddle and asks WHY. The puddle replys because i’ll never stack up to Matty Ice

Hall of Famer Moses Malone and future HOFer Derek jeter both chose #2 as their jersey number. WHY?! Cause they new Matt Ryan would one day dawn the jersey number and wanted to be spoken about in the same sentence as him.

Plymouth Rock is the traditional site of disembarkation of William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims who founded Plymouth Colony in 1620. In 1631-1680 the puritans built up Boston. WHY?! No it wasn’t to have a thriving colony and the betterment of the land and country. It was cause they were told a story as a children that a godly man named Matt Ryan will one day seek an education partime residence in a land not very far from his own. So they built it up to please him with the hopes he will one day grace their land with his presence. When it came time in 2003 to pick the place told about over the years he was pleased with the colonys work and chose Boston college thus fulfilling all their life long hopes and dreams from many years ago.

In 2008 Matt Ryan was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons. The Government took notice. WHY?! Cause they knew if Matt Ryan was associated with a Falcon then it must be special. Talks are still underway to change the national bird from eagle to Falcon

When you drink you do it to get drunk. When alcohol does they do it to get Matt Ryan.

Scientist for years have been trying to prove the big bang theory. But what really happened was Matt Ryan traveled back into the beginning of time took a football and threw an absolute bomb into the sun, thus creating himself and all existence.

In football there is 2 types of QB’s. Matt Ryan, and everyone who’s isn’t Matt Ryan.

Matt Ryan is so badass god gave him a fatal injury just so he could come up to heaven and give him an autograph then sent him back 100% with no recollection of dying.

Between 1899-1905 the Wright brothers weren’t trying to create a flying machine as another form of travel, They were just trying to figure out a way to one day catch the highest pass from Matt Ryan.

Charles Darwin didn’t go on a voyage to find out the origin of specifies. Days earlier he had been given a crystal ball that could see into the future. He saw Matt Ryan throwing touchdowns to Julio, Roddy, and other receivers. He then made it his life goal to find out how the universe could create such a perfect specimen and set out on his voyage.

I also had one about Einstein creating a time machine to bring Matt Ryan back to throw footballs down on Hiroshima in 1945 but I felt that was in bad taste so I didn’t write it.

Feel free to comment with your own. Let this be a fun thread. Also sorry if I'm breaking any rules with the pic I couldn't really crop it. I'll take it down if necessary.

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