Favorite Football Video Game?

Ugggh... A little less than a month left of this seemingly endless offseason. What better way to pass the time than talk about our favorite football video games. It seems like we have quite a few "gamers" representing the Falcoholic here, and the new Madden will be hitting the store shelves in a few months, so I'm sure people are getting stoked for another year of Virtual Football. I'm more of an old school baller though, and I haven't enjoyed a Madden for years (thanks Ed O'bannon for killing the one good football franchise out there - NCAA), I'm more of a Tecmo Bowler and am currently plugging through a season of the ever excellent Tecmo Super Bowl 3 on the SNES (all edited superstars of course :) ).

Just curious to see which football games everyone on here still enjoys playing, and also curious if you use the Falcons when you play (I generally do not, as I do not want to fail my franchise... I also like to create my own players and hate taking away Matt, Roddy and Julio's jobs ;) - though I never hesitate to take Decouds...)

Here's my personal Top 5 Football games

5. Super Play Action Football - Oh man, did I ever used to love this game! In all honesty the NFL part kind of sucked and I never played it. The High School game was kind of cool, and you could make your teams run around in pink and light purple uniforms, which was the highlight of that mode. However, where this game really got me was the college game. To this day I still love the team selection screen where you have all the team names and the little guy flexing his muscles next to the team (and bonus points for the shamelessly made up college team names for the unlicensed colleges - Slippery Rock, you will forever hold a place in our hearts). The soul crushing moment of my football video game career happened to little 12 year old Swampy back in the day. I worked my College all the way up to #2 in the Nation and was playing in the National Championship game. 4th Quarter, seconds on the clock, down by 2 lining up for the game winning FG. Unfortunately, my dumb a$$ accidentally selects punt (if you've ever played this game, you know how terrible the play select screen is) and springs into euphoric joy as the ball splits the uprights... only to see the word "Touchback" appear on the screen, and all of my dreams spinning down the toilet...

4. NFL Gameday '99 - This was our game during the PS1 era. My brother and I played the crap out of the Gameday games, and '99 was by far the best iteration. The graphics at the time blew Madden straight out of the water, and the commentary is still among the best you can find in a sports game. I'll never forget the first time they brought up the replay and did their TV style chalk talk... Mind... Blown!

3. NFL 2K5 - Pretty sad when a gaming franchise has been gone for a decade and it is still compared to football games of this generation. This game probably holds a place in all sports gamers hearts to this day, and if this franchise is ever resurrected (with an NFL license - 2K8 still had the gameplay, but I either want the real players or more options to build my team), it is going to fly off the shelves. To this day you can still pop this baby in the XBOX and have a blast.

2. Tecmo Super Bowl 3 - Other than the original Tecmo Super Bowl, this is probably the most time I've spent with a football game in my life. They really nailed this one, updated the graphics, expanded the playbooks and added an RPG style superstar editor. This one comes with the highest recommendation.

1. Tecmo Super Bowl - I love me some Tecmo Bowl, and as a "gaming moment" nothing will ever top exchanging 80 yard TD runs with Payton and Bo in the original, but take everything that the original does well, and make it infinitely more awesome, and you have Tecmo Super Bowl. I'll also take this moment to plug a favorite website of mine ( where people have been keeping the game alive with mods and roster updates. In another shameless plug, I've actually done an Arena Football mod to TSB (along with a fictional Canadian Football League mod) that turned out pretty cool.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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