A Look At How Courtney Roby Fit's On The Atlanta Roster


Just taking a look at how Roby fit's on this roster.

As we all know Atlanta has added FA wide receiver Courtney Roby, Not the most exciting signing to jump out of your pants about but my reason for this one is depth I think. With him being the new kid on the block I hope he doesn't think he's gonna come in and kill it on the first day. When you talk about the Falcons WR core then you must know that their the team that's the deepest at that position. I think Roby already knows that especially knowing that guys who are in front and better then him like Roddy White, Julio Jones, Harry Douglas, Devin Hester, Drew Davis, and so on. So nothing is coming easy for this guy.

Now I can understand why Atlanta fans are restless about this one Roby is a nine year vet with 25 career receptions , 332 receiving yards, and ONE touchdown. Myself personally is pretty skeptic about this - but those are some eye catching stats aren't they! If Atlanta needed a return man that bad we should just have kept Eric Weems a guy who could actually stay healthy , return for big yards , and play receiver when called upon. Boy I miss ole Eric!

Contract hasn't been released yet but sources does say it's a 1 year deal not sure how much money is involved but im thinking $840,000 with a $760,000 roster bonus.

Roster Competition

Roddy White: Don't see him beating the #1 receiver on the roster and certainly not a guy who's been on this team for ten years. Roby is gonna have to really ball out to get the #1 spot on this roster. White is the most elite guy on the team and Mike Smith is gonna continue to build around him. He battled with injuries throughout the whole 2013 season just about and it stop him from doing what he do every year and that's get 1,000 yrds. Let me see Roby be that productive.

Julio Jones: Don't see him beating him the #2 option on the roster, I'm gonna say Julio is a elite receiver but he's only elite when healthy definitely not going to place the injury prone label on him because he's not that. Let's be honest the injury bug hitted us hard in 2013 and it hitted our two best receivers the hardest causing one to miss the whole season and the other to miss half of the season but with a healthy Jones no way he's gonna out shine him. Unless he gets super powers overnight

Harry Douglas: Can't believe im saying this but no, Hard as it is to believe that, Harry is a much better reciever then Roby. Giving credit where credit do - Harry showed that he can be depended on in 2013 as our #1 option he left the whole Atlanta fan base speechless when he had his first 1,000 yrd season! I know right , Harry Douglas actually had 1,000 yrds with a 4-12 record but we all know that he got all those touches because Julio and Roddy was hurt but you can't hate him he got down and he might just be the best slot reciever in the game today! And Harry loves his slot position so nobody is taking that from him.

Devin Hester: Question mark on this one, Mike Smith has already said that Hester will just be a special teams guy nothing more.

Drew Davis: Maybe, but don't sleep on him he's just as important in this offense as the other big name players he came through in some big situations last year not flashy numbers yet but he is still young. This might be the biggest competition that Courtney Roby has.

Darius Johnson: Yes, Johnson can be beat out of his job though he came in as a UDFA and showed out. He has talent but my concern with him is his size (5'10" 175 lbs.) Johnson still has his college weight on him and i look for him to add on about 10 pounds. As I was watching him on film I notice that he has a hard time trying to fight off the jams with CB's and that's where strength comes in at and another thing is his run blocking when Atlanta raned screens he didn't hold his blocks very long - Something that Roby does well.

So with the way things are looking he can beat the last three guys on this roster and become a 4th option at best. So IF he does make's the roster my prediction for him will probably be 29 receptions , 460 yrds , 2 TD's.

Your thoughts

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